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Lots of milestones, and tiki_carol needs your help! (Don't forget to read me too!)

skoolmunkee at 12:15PM, Aug. 31, 2010

There's two newsposts today, so be sure and check them both out!

JazyIH's The Beast Legion has gone past 25 pages! And it's also now in print! You can get The Beast Legion Issue 1 at IndyPlanet!

Also at 25 pages is lagoticspy's Un Re Stop Comics, as of Monday!

And another comic has hit 25 pages, Unlimited Evil by darth_paul!

Tomorrow, Pam Harrison's new sc-fi series A Deviant Mind reaches 25 pages as well!

Get Up And Go by Tamerlane has surpassed 275 pages!

On Wednesday, JillyFoo's Demon Eater hits its 400th page!

3D Glasses tells me that his comic 3D Glasses just reached 125 pages! Congrats!

And DDer tiki_carol has a finalist entry in a caption contest:
Splendid Marbles caption contest
She would like the DD community's help to win, and she wants me to let you know that you can vote for her entry (“Furries in prison”)! So if ou feel like supporting a fellow DDer head on over!



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