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Welcome back! A bunch of news for you - a belated gift!

skoolmunkee at 10:28AM, Dec. 27, 2010

I hope everyone's holidays are going well! We've got one (or more) down and one to go. The last week of the year is a pretty unique time so I hope people are enjoying it!

First up, we've got one more Drunk Duck member interview! This time, it's Genejoke interviews Evil_Hare of Jake the Evil Hare and Darkfell! This will probably be the last one for a while (though I do have two more which are supposed to come in)… so if you are having a restful time of it, why not kick back and catch up on these?

6. How have you found it returning to art? Have you had to relearn skills at all?

The biggest challenge at first was holding on to the pencil/pen/etc. The accident left me with nerve damage so I sometimes drop things or lose control of my hand for a split second (which sometimes has entertaining results). Redeveloping control for drawing has been frustrating at times, and it was very much like having to relearn anatomy and basic drawing again. Some of this probably shows up in some pages where my lines aren't very smooth, and I haven't been very daring with poses of certain characters just yet. In the last couple of months, though, I think I've improved considerably, enough at least to start trying to draw some Darkfell stuff. At this point I'm starting to think I'll eventually be better than I was back in the day.

On Tuesday, Ryuujin's Haien Heights reaches 50 pages! Congrats! :D

The superhero webcomic crossover community project… er… thing… Heroes Alliance reaches 100 pages on Monday! (Thanks to all the great contributors. Of which we can never have enough! *wink wink*)

The long-running MAG-ISA by Kyupol has reached 425 pages! Yay!

The featured comic Without Moonlight by Tantz Aerine has reached 25 pages! You should check it out! This is also a good time to mention her and PIT FACE's new comic Brave Resistance!



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