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Belated newspost- and don't forget to check out Thursday's FEATURE!

skoolmunkee at 1:55AM, Feb. 12, 2010

I have no excuse for not doing this Wednesday afternoon, except that I forgot. :[ I have to write things in my calendar to remember to do them, how sad is that? I should have your pity, not your wrath!

Kind masters, please accept my humble if late efforts!

BIGSHOT's l'Anachrotist reached 75 pages on Tuesday! I fear he has been waiting so long that he has eaten all the wax fruit.

May I respectfully suggest a generous gift for Beautiful Skies by Kilre, which has reached 400 pages and is near its 5 year anniversary?

At 250 pages we have Brogan's Arctic Blast!. He can be found in the bar, having not wanted to delay his celebration due to my tardiness. :[

Also neglected is Negligence by elektro, at 225 pages. He seemed like the sort to ‘improve’ the paintings while waiting, so I've had someone keep an eye on him.

Blitzkrieg1701 has arrived with a double announcement:

Far Out There turns a whopping two years old this Sunday! It also hits 225 pages Friday, officially reaching the point at which it's kind of sad to count 25s as meaningful milestones. HOORAY!



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