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Some people having problems with the new page uploader- where to report them?!

skoolmunkee at 12:27PM, June 22, 2010

Wowio is trying out some changes to the page uploading system, and while most people aren't experiencing any problems, some people are hitting bugs and so forth. We understand it's frustrating!

What we need you guys to do is, if you want to report a bug or problem with the page uploader, please try and stick to THIS THREAD. Oz has been going a bit crazy trying to keep up with all the different places people are mentioning things (3 different subforms, PQs, etc) and so it will help us and the programmer a lot if things are mostly kept in one place.

It will also help immensely if (as you will hopefully see in the thread):

If you have trouble with the file upload system specifically (not giving you a broken image, if it does that it's actually working), then please post information about these things:
1. your OS (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Linux Ubantu, Mac OSX, etc)
2. Your browser type AND version (Firefox 3.0.5, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4 etc)
3. Any extra toolbars or plugins you are running with it (Ad-blocker. Google toolbar, Flash-blocker etc.)
4. Include screenshots- this is optional since some people have a lot of trouble with this one.

Things we know about and have reported:
- some ad-blockers and outdated javascript will inhibit page upload
- comics aren't appearing on ‘this just in’ list
- updated comics can take a while to show up as ‘today’
- ‘add a page’ button doesn't appear in some browsers
- page upload can hang indefinitely then return a broken image
- trying to add a page logs some people out
- some people are told they are missing info, even though all fields are filled in

You're welcome to report if any of those things are still happening to you- although the additional info will be most useful!



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