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OK, images, uploads, and edited HTML should be FIXED!

skoolmunkee at 3:59PM, March 17, 2010

OKAY! Guys, the images and everything should be WORKING AGAIN. Please see the previous newspost for the explanation and our huge apology about the problems! Now everything should be working fine again, please tell me or Oz if they're not.

YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-UPLOAD YOUR BROKEN IMAGES - although they were uploaded, they were not stored (the server ran out of space). You can either delete the broken page and re-upload it normally, OR you should be able to go into your list of Pages and edit the entry to re-upload the page. (If somehow you have comments you don't want to lose by deleting the page. But why would you want to keep a bunch of comments that say “the image is broken”?) ;]

A big thank-you to Platinum's hardworking programmer, who was in fact up all night trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. (And seems to be usually up late into the night trying to get the store done as soon as possible!)

Abt_Nihil has a double announcement!

(1) My comic signifikat reaches 125 pages this Thursday!

(2) Heroes Alliance, the sequel to the dd-award-winning Heroes Unite, is getting ready for launch next week (we're counting down by posting a few teasers right now). Just like HU, it's a superhero webcomic community project, and anyone can join!

Nicotine's The Rose Killer has reached its 1 year mark! It was actually last month, but she just never got round to telling me. :] She adds, “The Rose Killer has just started updating again, and chapter 2 is coming to an end. Now is a good time to get on board!”

Guess which comic is now 800 pages long? Used Books, that is which comic!

armandoB tells me that Cataclysm 2 is now over 100 pages! Woooo!

And coming up on Saturday, ghostrunner's grin n' spirit hits the 675 mark! Such nice, respectable numbers in this newspost. :]



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