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OK- site working again! REALLY!

skoolmunkee at 3:29PM, March 22, 2010

Okay! I am told that there should be plenty of space on the image server now (100 gigs) and that things are working again! So everyone may go back to uploading their comics and changing their html and so forth, everything should be fine, nothing should be wrong!

You will have to re-upload your images. So- any comic pages that aren't working, delete/edit them to re-upload the image, and it should work.

Sorry again for the problems. I know things have been really disruptive and frustrating here for the last week. I am sure a couple of people have decided that DD isn't for them, but for the most part DD is a very reliable site. We've had a bit more than usual disruption so far this year (mainly due to the implementation of the store), and this current image problem was resolved as quickly as possible. The programmer was up working on things in the middle of the night, talking to the server hosts, etc. Platinum is committed to keeping DD running and viable (otherwise they'd have shut the place down long ago and would certainly not be trying to put in a store for us) and, although it's unfortunate, downtime and unforseen problems happen to EVERY website. It's just that here, you don't have to deal with it personally, just wait for it to be fixed while the admins try to placate everybody. :]

Most people tend to view the occasional glitch as one of the (small) downsides to being able to easily post an unlimited amount of comics on a free website, set up your own sub-pages and forum and etc., and have access to a ‘built-in’ community. You really don't get the same kind of experience elsewhere. We do understand that some people find that DD just isn't for them, but we do ALSO hope that people are patient with some of the current bumps. The overwhelming majority of people that we've heard from have been very understanding, so that is always nice, thanks you guys for that. :]

But hey, let's put that ugliness behind us and think of our bright future, okay? The store is really-really almost here, and look! Milestones!

machinehead's Cowtoon turns the big 200 today!

And at 100 comics is New America by GracehFaceh!

Arachnid Goddess by Chernobog has reached 275 pages! :D



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