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Done with downtime, up with milestones and the Voice contest!

skoolmunkee at 11:48AM, Nov. 17, 2010

First up, a quick apology for the bit of downtime we had earlier this week. They had to move the old DD to the new server, which would let them develop a new DD which uses the old DD's databases and stuff and works at the same time , which will make everything go smoother and better and stuff! Anyway I think that's all taken care of now. :]

Fearman (by fearman) has hit 475 pages! Fear hiiiiiim

Awesome jgib99's awesome How Unfortunate reaches 250 awesome pages today! Awesome!

And don't forget!

ayesinback announces the Drunk Duck “Name That Voice” contest! The idea is simple- Drunk Duckers record themselves reading a specific bit of text, then upload them (with an anonymous filename) to the given hosting site. Later, they (and other DDers) can listen to all the recordings and make their best guesses as to who's who! We know we've got DDers all over the world, and this seems like a fun way to connect a bit more with them all (and make fun of their silly accents). Check out the link above to read the full directions! You can still submit guesses even if you don't want to record yourself, but it will be more fun with more people!

So far I think there are only 3 voices submitted… you only have til December 3rd so hurry up and record yourself!



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