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QUACKCAST 12: The Okay Debate: Comic Hosting Sites vs. Own Hosting

ozoneocean at 7:41AM, Jan. 25, 2011

Skool and Oz fall back into habit with a rough beginning, lots of feature discussion, and talking too long about the weekly subject with no clear outcome. But it's still good!


Topics and Show Notes

* Site news, including Salsa's "Resources on a shoestring budget" thread
* Featured Comic: The Parallel (it's like a dream)
* Featured Comic: Elements CYOA (Oz can't get a word in edgewise)
* Featured Comic: Paranatural (and his excellent signature image)
* A discussion about the pros and cons of comic hosting websites vs. making your own site for your comic. Our over-discussed outcome? Both can be good or bad, and there's nothing wrong with mirroring!
* Suggestions about future community aspects for the site.

Don't forget to read Monday's feature: Read Magellan!

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