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New Amazing Newspost!

skoolmunkee at 12:28PM, Jan. 30, 2011

TKTC by Rival Comics has been receiving some attention! It was the weekly featured comic at Comic Domination 2 weeks ago, and Rival Comics will do an interview on Yes FM radio on Monday, 8am!

Peipei has reached a big 600 pages with her comic Deadfingers!

Negligence by elektro turns 375 pages! He says, “nothing that big, just the first page of another story arc.” 375 pages sounds pretty big to me!

Memories from Requiem by Xatiav reaches its 500th page on Monday, and it will also be its 3rd anniversary! Congrats Xatiav!

Also on Monday, Hospitality Included by Hoss presents its 50th strip!

Over the weekend, Ometh reached 25 pages with Underscore!

Just dropping a line to let all know that after a near-fatal car accident that sidelined me for months, my webcomic Fred Peterson The Mighty Warlord is updating again on 1/31/11 (Monday).

Anywho, hope you had a great holiday season and a good 2011 so far!
Normally we wouldn't announce returns from hiatus/breaks/etc, but a near-fatal car accident? I think it's worth celebrating his return! We are glad you are safe and well, LanceDanger. :]



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