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List of site issues fixed 7-18-11

srhdt at 4:06PM, July 18, 2011

Hey everyone,

Your reports on site issues you've encountered has been extremely helpful to us, and I wanted to let everyone know that we are working through the list of issues as quickly as we can to get everything resolved and running smoothly. I'm going to do a news post each day detailing the issues that have been resolved thus far, kind of like patch notes for the site. Hopefully this will help people stay updated on the progress we're making on our end.

Bugs/issues fixed 7-18-11:
- Links you've created in the ‘links’ page are now displaying correctly on comic pages

- Profile comments should be displaying correctly now

- Many users were reporting errors just trying to load the main page or access comics on the site. We figured out that this was related to an issue where some users had blank birthdays attached to their profiles in the back-end. We've since changed everyone with a blank birthday to 1-1-1980 as their birthday. It's just a temporary fix, but it should allow you to access the site normally again.

- Usernames are no longer case sensitive when logging in

- now redirects to the forums

- PQ system works. We're still working on importing old PQ's into your Inbox.

- All comic forums should be imported now.

- Owners of a comic can Sticky and mark Important topics in their comic forums

- We figured out why some users were unable to upload images to their image locker. It's currently not uploading in Firefox, but uploads fine in Chrome. We're working on fixing this, but in the meantime try using Chrome if you want to get images into your locker.

- Assistants can now edit comic pages fine.

- Comic creators and assistants can see uploaded comic pages that are not yet live. All other users will only see already live pages. PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT. ALL YOUR SCHEDULED PAGES ARE NOT GOING LIVE EARLY. Feel free to log out and visit your comic to confirm.

- Your Favorites list when you're on a comic page now appears IN FRONT of the comic page.

- Also fixed a bug where you couldn't access Favorites in a comic page below the 4-5th one because the list would scroll back up.

- Users cannot post blank replies in the Forums.

- Added page navigation buttons to the TOP of topics in addition to the bottom.

- Fixed issue where users were seeing “413 Request Entity Too Large” error if they tried uploading largish images that were still below 2mb. You should be able to upload 1mb+ images fine now.



srhdt at 9:56AM, July 19, 2011

Jamie59 - We'll eventually add the ability to change your own birthday in the Account page. But it's currently low priority since it doesn't affect anything (other than give you errors if it was left blank) IRworking - That is on the list of issues we're currently working on fixing Elanor Pam - see the bolded section of the news post above alphamule - are you saying you can't access 'A' comics? Because with that birthday setting, you should be able to rmccool - 502 errors are server related...we'll look into it today PyThomas - That's something we'll get back in soon, after the bigger issues are dealt with Little Swan - not sure why that's happening to you, we'll look into it and I'll PQ you with an update whitewolfdem - Yes that is definitely on the list of things we're working on Dragonfire10503 - could you be more specific as to where this info was displayed that you're referring to?

Dragonfire10503 at 8:04AM, July 19, 2011

Back in the old website, the comics showed when they were updated and also when you typed in a comic, related comics came with it. I would like for that to be used in the new website. It allows me to know wither the comic is updated today or not and find other comics I might be interested in.

whitewolfdem at 7:59AM, July 19, 2011

question are they gonna make it so you can choose how comics are sorted while looking at comics like what comics updated last its a pain to go back to the home to read the next updated comic

Xade at 5:11AM, July 19, 2011

oh, your're getting me to like this little ducky condo I have to put up with. Shame it still resembles all the other ones :(

I Am The 1337 Master at 5:01AM, July 19, 2011


Little Swan at 3:23AM, July 19, 2011

Thanks for keeping us updated! I can't wait until everything is compatible with Firefox because I really want to explore the site to its full potential--especially since the new comic editor looks awesome! HOWEVER, no profile comments are displaying on my page; and I had loads before the changeover. Are you sure they're working properly now, or have we just lost the old comments for good?

PyThomas at 3:22AM, July 19, 2011

Why did you get rid of the "TODAY" feature in the My Favorites section? It's a lot harder for me to tell which of my regular comics got updated.

ghostrunner at 9:19PM, July 18, 2011

actually i still cant get the image locker to work

rmccool at 8:28PM, July 18, 2011

I cant load pages I get BAD Gate502 nginx/0.8.54 when I try.. last night it world go to a page of code when I tried to upload..

alphamule at 8:03PM, July 18, 2011

I also have the age issue. It should be Feb 16th, 1979. I can't read Zander's Saga due to age issue. The age setting and such probably won't be adjustable until the other issues are fixed? Thanks for getting it working again for the nonmature comics, though!

Jety Lefr at 7:22PM, July 18, 2011

@ Elanor Pam - Comic creators and assistants can see uploaded comic pages that are not yet live. All other users will only see already live pages.

Elanor Pam at 6:37PM, July 18, 2011

I just uploaded several pages which were supposed to go live from tomorrow to the 26th... but they're all visible right now! It's like the live dates are meaningless. Could you look into this? It's messing up the timeline of my comic. :(

SLK8ne at 6:26PM, July 18, 2011

Hurrah! Glad the Duck is back up!

IRwoking at 6:21PM, July 18, 2011

Need to be able to set favorates to sort by last update as default, and have it stay.

Jamie59 at 5:49PM, July 18, 2011

Also show comics that preload & are posted later like Attack of the Robofemoids the post date in our favorites list. And on the favorites dropdown list you fixed (Thank you!) a mark of comics updated today like it use to be.

Ally Haert at 5:28PM, July 18, 2011

Awesome response time on these issues. Thanks!

Jamie59 at 4:56PM, July 18, 2011

How do I set my DOB. I don't see it in "edit profile". Also can we change the colors for ourselves yellow & teal yuck!!

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