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List of issues fixed 7-27-11

srhdt at 1:30PM, July 27, 2011

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on some of the big issues still outstanding on the site before we get to the list. We're still working on fixing the image compression issue. ALL comics on the site will be fixed eventually, it's just a matter of running through each comic one by one at this point. Additionally, pageview stats for each comic are currently importing back into the new site as well, so over the next few days, you may notice them appear back on your comic. Again, there's a lot of data to import, so it might take a little while. Finally, cross-browser parity is also a top priority, and we're working on making sure the site works and looks fine across all the major browsers.

List of bugs/issues resolved 7-27-11
- Uploading images into the image locker should work now for all browsers. Anyone with Firefox, please test (it worked for me).

- PQ button has been added to user profiles page. When you're logged in, it'll show up on ALL OTHER USERS' profile pages, but not your own. It shows up where the Edit Profile button on the top right is for your own profile page.

- Deleting comments works for real this time!

- I was just informed that the PQ counter was deliberately disabled because it was causing massive slowdown on the site for some reason. We've removed the counter number in the meantime until we can get this fixed. The problem is that if we check to see if the user has unread messages at all, the site will slow down. So until the database can be tweaked, users will just have to visit their PQ Inboxes once in a while.



kaleygeminni at 5:56AM, Aug. 9, 2011

I'm still having trouble with the subpages part <:)

BarryCorbett at 9:26AM, Aug. 8, 2011

still no stats showing

Abt_Nihil at 4:20PM, July 29, 2011

Yes! The image locker finally works! ^_^ (I'm using firefox too.)

thepersonyoudontknow at 2:24PM, July 28, 2011

I use Firefox and image locker worked for me! Good job!

Banes at 11:31AM, July 28, 2011

Personally I care more about current and future pageviews/stats/rank or whatever than the old data (maybe they're all connected; I'm not sure how that works). The site seems to be working well, though, from what I can see. Kudos!

Renee at 9:02AM, July 28, 2011

Cool! :D By the way, will users ever be able to change their usernames in the future? Because I'd really like to change mine...

skoolmunkee at 1:28AM, July 28, 2011

Brilliant. :] Is it just me, or have they added an "images" button to get to the image locker in people's profiles too? You used to have to go through the "activate layout mode"... unless I was just being dumb.

Chernobog at 11:38PM, July 27, 2011

Very nice. :)

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