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QUACKCAST Episode 47 - The Show About Websites and Design Stuff

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 18, 2011

Oz is the expert on this one, which focuses on advice about designing a comic website which makes your comic look good and is easy to navigate, as well as some advice about logos and branding. skool has her own opinions as well!

Listen to QUACKCAST Episode 47 - The Show About Websites and Design Stuff

Topics and Show Notes

Featured Comics:
DD24Hour 2011 -
Riggs Hell -

- Make your comic look good, give it priority
- Presentational decisions (visible page, flash viewers)
- Menus, site content and extras
- What to do with fan art
- Navigation advice
- Comments and sharing
- Newsposts and blogs
- Brief mention of auto-update options
- Customization, icons, colors, fonts
- Unified theme
- Usability, fewer clicks, viewer restrictions
- Planning for ads

Design Stuff!
- Logos, header images, titles, imagery, fonts
- Distinctiveness and scalability
- Branding and identity
- Style guidelines and templates
- Consistent navigation and usability

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Banes at 7:51PM, Oct. 18, 2011

Great choice for a 'cast. Looking forward to this one greatly!

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