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Episode 62 - The SUBSTITUTES or ("Assistant Editors Week!")

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Jan. 31, 2012


Ozoneocean was called away for a quick unexpected trip to Bali. Ayesinback and Banes were quick to leap into the breach and take over… and run wild, smashing all the furniture, spray-painting the walls, and whizzing in the corner. Seriously though, I think they did a pretty good job and I hope you'll find it interesting to listen to the first QC with neither Skoolmunkee, NOR Ozoneocean popping up at any-stage. Featured in this QC is the DD Soap Omnibus edition (What Happened While I Was Away), Ayesinback and Banes discussing the upcoming new improved 2012 DD Radio Play (they need scripts!), and two great spoof comic features.
No editing at all from Ozoneocean in this one.

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured Comics:
Abby Colonel Sanders -
Pinky TA, Tennessee -

Important stuff!
Our two guest Quackcasters this week were:
- Banes -
- Ayesinback -
Submit a script for the DD radio play:

Quackcast 63 needs contributions!!
-Topic: HOW do you make your living? Non-comic jobs

Please, PLEASE join in with the story!
Insert yourself in there! And send us a recording of you reading part of it out!



Banes at 9:59PM, Jan. 31, 2012


ayesinback at 6:30PM, Jan. 31, 2012

"Banes! Look! they aired it Anyway!" DAD-GUM indeed! thanks so much for the opportunity - Banes is way fun! and - I just had never heard the term "pork pie hat" before - I thought he was making it up XD

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