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DD Awards planning needs your participation! Also Radio Play 2013 and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 12:14AM, April 1, 2013

The DD awards are still under discussion, so find out about running or being nominated for the 2013 DD comic awards! Don't forget to participate in the category discussions, because some categories are going down without anyone to advocate for them!

The DD Radio play is looking to get off the ground again. The czarina in control (Ayesinback), is looking to hand over the torch to someone else, so if you'd like to be in charge, the leader, the mastermind behind a really cool project then now is the time!

Milestones time!

The KAMics by KAM reached 1,375 pages on Monday March 25th!

Passing 700 pages is Kojika's Zos Kias! Pretty exciting! :]

Todd Sweets, the worst webcomic made by anyone ever (including Call Me Tom) has hit 25 pages!

El Cid's amazingly shocking Death P*rn posts its 375th page this week! Woo hoo!



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