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Staying Positive in Troubled Times

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Aug. 25, 2014

I have been trying to avoid the real world news the last few weeks because it just goes from bad to worse to even more worse. Just last night, there was a large earthquake in Northern California, Iceland is getting ready for another volcanic eruption, and Dr. Hammond from Jurassic Park passed away. At this point, I have to decide whether I want to read about problems happening on the domestic front or on the opposite side of the world. With all this news, I can understand why people have been dumping buckets of ice water on their head during this horrible drought in California.

One of the best aspects of Drunk Duck's community is that we have a very international user base. This has changed the way I see current events because whenever I turn on the television and the headlines mentions a country where I know a fellow duck lives, I can only hope for the best for everyone's safety.

I am very sensitive to troubles happening around me because I tend to carry the burden on my own shoulders. That is why I try and limit the daily amount of exposure to sad news or else I will become a blubbery, miserable mess like when I watch the death of Littlefoot's mother in The Land Before Time. This is a community where I am allowed to escape the headlines and read funny comics from the people here for brief moments throughout the day. But how does one keep positive in light of such a sad state of the news? I am most interested in creators who maintain a sense of humor and can still make readers forget all the troubles in the world for a few moments and make a joke.

So I just want to thank all of you comic creators on The Duck for drawing, for telling a story that is worth reading, for making us laugh, and adding a touch of positivity to our world.


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irrevenant at 8:29PM, Aug. 28, 2014

I honestly think that the News feeds us a world's-worth of information with the positive stuff mostly filtered out. There have to be amazingly positive things happening every day. A couple of days ago in Ireland a girl got pinned between a train and the platform and the crowd worked together to push the carriage enough for her to free herself. That's freaking amazing! A similar thing happened not long ago in Australia, too. In January, a new way to destroy metastasising cancer cells was discovered. We may have invented reactionless spacecraft propulsion. A new way to fight antibiotic-resistant infections has been discovered. Plus a whole bunch of great stuff that I don't know about because it wasn't on the freaking News! xO

bravo1102 at 8:13AM, Aug. 25, 2014

Life is pain. There's a lot going on at any one time and I just remember the old Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" In these days of the 24 hour international news cycle it's very hard not to find news of interest every minute of every day. Then there is the bad news I get in my every day existence. Just today the brakes on the wife's car failed and she had to rent a car. Moreover she lost her roll of stamps. At work there is the usual pile of recriminations among my co-workers. There are things I can control and help with and things I cannot. If I get come work in on the comic it's a small sense of accomplishment in an otherwise disappointing world. But at the end of the day life is still a roller coaster and you just hang on and enjoy the ride. And take my meds. Better living through chemistry. Once upon a time I couldn't cope or function with all this shit. Now at least I can do what I can and feel good about it.

usedbooks at 5:58AM, Aug. 25, 2014

I work on my comic to escape the regular real life stresses. I tend to absorb others' stress too. It can get to be too much. But it helps to have something I control and can make progress on. Even if it's something small, if I can get a page finished, I have my little victory. (Used to be that my comic had way more drama and stress than (my) real life, but sometimes life catches up with it.)

Abt_Nihil at 5:47AM, Aug. 25, 2014

I'm afraid I'm really bad at escapism - all those troubles find their way into my comics, sooner or later...

KimLuster at 4:55AM, Aug. 25, 2014

Very poignant thoughts - staying positive in troubled times.... Oooohhh when someone figures that out please PQ me! :)

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