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The Wonders of Being a Woman-Child

kawaiidaigakusei at 12:00AM, Jan. 16, 2017

Each time I return from shopping with a bag full of a pile of board games, vinyl action figures, or video games, I feel like I fit into a demographic of adults that still collect toys. I have a small amount of bills, so the money I earn gets to go toward my hobbies.

I used to lament over the fact that I was buying toys for myself and not for some kid. Then I realized that there is no shame about being a child at heart. I finally have the chance to buy the things I never had as a kid.

Whenever I see nostalgic toys from my childhood, I have to own it. I enjoy staying in touch with my inner child because I feel that is where creative ideas reside.

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Zaptoid56 at 11:34AM, Jan. 18, 2017

I collect children from my far no one has dug up the crawlspace of my parent's home...

bravo1102 at 5:09PM, Jan. 16, 2017

And then you could always use your dolls and toys to actually make the comic with all kinds of wild digital effects with making it that much more real than running around the room with the starship and going "whooooosh"

bravo1102 at 5:06PM, Jan. 16, 2017

Does there really have to be so much difference from racing and digging with your Hot Wheels and Tonka and driving a car and using a loader or backhoe? It's all in how you look at it. Helps get you through a tough job too. Yippee, I am killing myself playing at driving this stupid dump truck.

PaulEberhardt at 12:53PM, Jan. 16, 2017

I never throw anything away, and it is kind of funny to observe how my perspective of things changes over time. Every now and then I get these moments when I suddenly think of something I used to play or dabble with or just find something in a dark corner, and imagine my joy at discovering it's still there. I freely give some of it away to kids I know, if I think it makes them happy, but there's one or two items I just can't part with. And I love watching cartoons and reading my old comic books. And that despite the fact that I didn't like the old me all that much and don't miss my childhood a bit. I often think that there are basically three phases in life: 1. when you enjoy something at the age you're meant to do so, 2. when you feel you're too old for that baby-s### and grown out of it for good, and 3. when you've grown back into it again and suddenly love it on a whole new level. Hope that makes any sense.

jay6553 at 10:51AM, Jan. 16, 2017

Bah! I have a rather large collection of action figures (Transformers, star wars, marvel, etc.) I collect retro games and dvds as well. My wife collects legos as well. I draw inspiration from my hobbies and see them as part of who I am. There's nothing wrong with collecting as long as you have the means and enjoy it. It's like my mother said when I was a teenager. "He may be buying toys and games but at least he's not on drugs or getting drunk."

ozoneocean at 8:46AM, Jan. 16, 2017

I'm often too much of a stuffy old cynical bastard stick-in-the-mud in so many ways that I really cherish and nurture the childish aspects I still retain in spite of myself, because without them I would be a dim, dull, dick and the world would be a cold grey place.

usedbooks at 5:49AM, Jan. 16, 2017

I watch way more cartoons as an adult than a child (and I have no children and an unlikely to change that). I get nostalgic over not toys but programs I liked as a kid. So I put money into a DVD collection. MacGyver, Get Smart, TinTin, Rocko's Modern Life, Scarecrow and Mrs. King... It makes me happy. I know other 30-something singles spend their money on clubbing or alcohol or sports or other "grown up" entertainments. That's cool too. I prefer to hang out with my cat and watch cartoons. To each his own.

KimLuster at 4:59AM, Jan. 16, 2017

I love having the heart of a child in most ways (sense of wonder and excitement) - the pettiness and selfishness most kids have to some degree... Glad that's (mostly) gone! ;)

Ironscarf at 1:50AM, Jan. 16, 2017

I sometimes wonder if constantly revisiting your childhood is a good thing, but I like it so much I'm not going to stop. I have a few small items from mine, that help take me back. It helps you understand what you're all about and there are dark corners too. I recently worked out my preference for female lead characters was down to a childhood loss. Not a death, which was why it took me so long to work out, but a loss just the same. The past is not a fixed, unchanging place.

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