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Moonlight meanderer

Poetry Time 10: Sunslit

Andreas_Helixfinger at Oct. 16, 2022, midnight
tags: andreas helixfinger, poetry time 10

Some more poetry. Poem Nr. 10: Sunslit

Your shadow growing to blacken the sky
Unfilling the vaccum we rotate inside
Your shadow glowing to blacken the sky
Sealed by the heavenly ocean we´ve seen to forget
Your shadow flowing to blacken the sky
In your reflecton I´ll always reside
Your shadow throwing to blacken the sky
To process this light and make your heart reset
Your shadow knowing to blacken the sky
Twist me like a lover on the wall under a stoney brim
Your shadow snowing to blacken the sky
Bring darkness back, love, your lightened candles spit
Your shadow blowing to blacken the sky
On your palms to blueprint a future so grim
Your shadow showing to blacken the sky
One day I´ll escape this rewinding motion slit
Your shadow going to blacken the sky

Helixfinger Out!


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Moonlight meanderer

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