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FEATURED COMIC --> Vampire Girl

kawaiidaigakusei at Oct. 19, 2022, midnight
tags: COMIC, E, FEATURED, Girl, J_Scarbrough, Vampire

Levana is a female vampire, (also known as Vampire Girl). She lives a life of Irony. And when she is running on a shortage of blood supply, she retreats to the hospital to get her fix. Levana’s outdoor attire make her reigning champion of Social Distancing (because she is allergic to the sun). Levana goes through an existential crisis when faced with the dilemma of no longer desiring the responsibility of having vampire powers. Assisting Levana along her journey is a wizard who also makes house visits; the photogenic Dr. Charmin; and Medical Assistant, Laura (who doubles as Levana’s blood supplier).

The art is mixed media with hand-drawn sketches, handwritten notebook paper, full pages of digital colour. In an exciting update from Vampire Girl creator, J_Scarbrough, the next phase of Levana’s mortal life unfolds in Vampire Girl: Chapter Two. The original run of Vampire Girl: Chapter One concluded ten years ago in 2012 and was brought out of cartoon retirement in 2022 to continue telling Levana’s story.

Buckle up for Vampire Girl: Chapter Two and read Vampire Girl by J_Scarbrough, rated E!



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Moonlight meanderer

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