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Moonlight meanderer

Poetry Time 11: Nine Lives

Andreas_Helixfinger at Oct. 23, 2022, midnight
tags: andreas helixfinger, poetry time 11

Poem Nr. 11: Nine Lives

Nine. I see the light burning to darkness.
All so swiftly. All so blindly.
Eight. I hear the alarm screaming to deafness.
All so widely. All so loudly.
Seven. I taste the medicine spoiling to sickness.
All so queasily. All so badly.
Six. I sense the odour stinking to foulness.
All so keenly. All so hazily.
Five. I feel the ground cracking to hollowness.
All so deeply. All so gravely.
Four. I breath the air haling to emptyness.
All so quitely. All so clearly.
Three. I beat the heart stopping to blackness.
All so timely. All so suddenly.
Two. I meme the past fading to blankness.
All so sadly. All so vainly.
One. I dream my life shaping to reality.
All so. No less.

Helixfinger out!


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Moonlight meanderer

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