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Crimson Stars Concludes Chapter One While Passing Twenty-fifth Page Milestone; Hushicho has More News

kawaiidaigakusei at Oct. 24, 2022, midnight

Photo: “Crimson Stars: Chapter 1 Page 27” by Commissar_Tarkin. (October 2022)

Here is a Message from Commissar_Tarkin delivered to all the good citizens on the Duck—

Hello! I've been told on the discord server that I can contact you about the fact that our comic is approaching the end of its 1st chapter, and it might constitute some sort of a milestone.

Thanks! Monday’s the day it's going to happen as well (we update Mondays).

Crimson Stars Synopsis

A Vampire Space Opera. Join Brigadier Takara and her motley crew of subordinates from the 170th Mechanized Brigade as they navigate the perilous labyrinth of supply issues, interservice rivalry and other fun aspects of life in the military in a galaxy where humanity is ruled over by vampires.

Artist: Lagarto
Scriptwriter: Commissar Tarkin
3d Modelling: Morihel & GK


Celebrate the milestones with Commisar_Tarkin and the team behind Crimson Stars by clicking the link and reading through the archive!


Hushicho has More News

Hello! I hope I haven't misremembered horribly, but I did have some recent news!

H18 has just finished its first volume of adventures and I'll come back to it later on.


City of Lamps just started its second story.


IncuVerse has just begun its run in earnest, starting its second story as well and the first full-length tale of its run.


I hope you're doing well and I'm so sorry I have been so intermittent with my communications. Please take care, and thank you always so much for your great support and kindness.

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Moonlight meanderer

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