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FEATURED COMIC --> Into the Bookwoods

kawaiidaigakusei at Aug. 23, 2023, midnight
tags: FEATURED COMIC, Into the Bookwoods, Kvalhissir, T

The Forest is home to a community of woodland creatures who have taken on the qualities of personified human beings while still resembling animals in outward appearance. Three librarians—Milly the Mouse, Martha the Weasel, and Sylvia the Cat—work at the Forest Public Library where they help select the best books for hedgehogs, rabbits, and dogs to read. Perils outside the library come in the form of eavesdropping owls swooping in on Milly before a teacup bath and parties with way too much catnip.

The creator, depicted as a naked mole rat artist wearing a beret, makes fourth wall breaking cameos, incorporates the main characters into Inktober challenges, and makes interactive paper doll sets for the reader.

Learn the backstory of Legendary Villiam the Cat and read Into the Bookwoods by Kvalhissir, rated T!



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Moonlight meanderer

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