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Moonlight meanderer

2006 - 2008

lothar at Sept. 15, 2023, midnight

Hi everyone and welcome to the Quail-zone
Fall is in the air in the northern part of our planet . And through a haze of cold medicine and sedetives I'mn the bus.

Comic - The John Dana Audition Strip
Author - Frank Valenti
Year - 2008

The wiring on this one is pretty good if you can read the tiny headache inducing text.


Comic - Inconsistent Biomix
Author - FlegFly
Year - 2007

A chain smoking Logan Paul fights zombies sometimes

Comic - CowboysAndAliens
Author - POSComics
Year - 2006

This one was actually quite popular, so much so that they made a movie or of it staring Harrison Ford. I never saw the movie. Had anyone here seen it? It was back when platinum studios had taken over the site. I can't remember the exact history. Some of these OG members here probably remember. Butt if you joined DD anytime in the last decade you've likely never heard of this one.



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Moonlight meanderer

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