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Tantz_Aerine at Sept. 16, 2023, midnight
tags: art, extras, promo stuff, Tantz_Aerine, writing

For context, see the DD Awards 2023!

The annual Drunk Duck Awards are already underway!

Each year, this amazing event that is wrangled by the Award Goddess Niccea draws upon the collective power of A TON of DDuckers who contribute their time, art, and creativity in order to make the event as memorable, fun, and bombastic as possible.

Like this! only MORE

Each year, more than one of the contributors go above and beyond in supporting and shouldering the success of the Awards together with Niccea. And this year, I think we are for the first time celebrating that with a lot more content- i.e. comic pages showing "backstage stuff" or more detailed dramatization of parts of the DD Awards designed to showcase and promote EVERYONE'S webcomics. Not simply the nominees and the winners. EVERYONE.

And that got me thinking that "backstage stuff" are a fun way to generate more engagement and get your audience to connect with your characters and your comic a lot more. It is also a great way to show off stuff (like character design elements, or world building, or little scenes) that would disrupt the pacing of the webcomic were they to be included. A sort of "extras" or "deleted scenes" treasure trove for your audience to enjoy while the main story is going on unaffected.

Like the story of how a young Basil got arrested by the police. Yes this art is super old and I apologize

Creating extras is also a great exercise for the creator as well, because it can give a change of pace that keeps burnout away. Especially if you can shift gears and engage in some comedy when your webcomic is heavy, or do an adventure, or have your characters play DnD and illustrate that, and everyone will have fun consuming that content!

It also helps flesh out the characters more. If "extras" or "backstage" put your characters in less usual situations than those in the main comic, you get to know them better along with your audience, and the bond between you (creator or fan) and the characters becomes stronger, more intimate.

If it is about worldbuilding (especially in fantasy), it helps you be consistent and present a "lived in" world with a lot more art and content than just whatever the characters are doing- which may not allow the audience to see the full scope.

Like this tiny glimpse of a goddess statue from the world of my newest comic Verdant yes shameless plug I know

So whenever you can, totally do extras for your comic! Have you done anything of the sort for yours?

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