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FEATURED COMIC --> Lauren Ipsum

kawaiidaigakusei at Sept. 20, 2023, midnight
tags: bakertoons, E, FEATURED COMIC, Lauren Ipsum

Meet Lauren Ipsum, comical used book salesperson and eccentric librarian extraordinaire, always seen writing semi-biographical “Fix Fics” on a traditional manual typewriter. Accompanying Lauren on her daily adventures is a friendly and chill fox named Dewey (who sometimes needs a haircut). Follow Lauren and Dewey as they stealthily return overdue library books; play the bongos for eggs and tamago; and learn how to love-themselves.

The art is drawn in traditional black and white, three to four paneled comic strips, with double-decker “Sunday” comic strips in full-color. Gorgeous hand-lettered font.

Discover original villain, Evil McBadGuy, and read Lauren Ipsum by bakertoons, rated E!



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Moonlight meanderer

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