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Quackcast 651 - Strong characters of any gender and DD awards stuff

Ozoneocean at Sept. 5, 2023, midnight
tags: Banes, Boxdog, DD awards, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Oblique, Ozoneocean, Quackcast 651, Strong characters, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

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We're chatting about a couple of things today: the DD 2023 Awards which are in their completion faze now, and "strong" characters of any gender.
The DD awards are finding up now and presentations will be happening so it's a good time now to be able to see who actually won and to be able to get a look at some really good comics you might not have seen before.
The latter topic was inspired by something Tantz wrote about. There's a trend of people trying really hard to make "strong" female" characters and in the process botching it because they're focusing on the wrong things. They try to combat a sexist trend of weak female characters in the the process ironically commit a worse sexist mistake… "Strong" characters are the same no matter the gender because it's never gender traits that make them weak or strong. If you know what makes a strong character that skill is equally useful for male, female, trans, or genderless characters.

Some people mistakenly think that so called "male" traits make a character strong: physical strength, anger, power, leadership, height, muscles, meanness etc not realising that none of these are male traits, they're JUST traits. The masculinity or femininity we assign them is all cultural. By combining a lot of these traits you often just end up making an unlikable dickhead. Character strength has more to do with how well realised the character is, how well they fit into their world, the effect they have on other characters, weather they're "active" or "passive" in a story.

It's a complex subject and we go much deeper into it during the cast! How do you write "strong" characters?

This week Gunwallace has given us a theme inspired by Boxdog - A contemplative, reflective, serious piano driven intro leads into a happy, pleasant pop-song, first as drums and a bass take over, then the process completes as lead duties are handed off to an electric guitar and the tune fully opens up!

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Some inspiration from Tantz's newspost:
Writing Strong Characters of Any Gender -

The 2023 DD Awards -

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Oblique -

Featured music:
Boxdog - - By Boxdog, rated M.

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