Treasure Can Be Decieving

Kaeko on Feb. 8, 2009

Damn, took me long enough huh. x3

Comic: Kaeko's Adventure

Scene: For what felt like hours, Tai led Yaiba and Kaeko down the dreary looking halls. The walls were already seeming to crumble, brick stone cracked and missing. Kaeko sighed with a slight pain in her hind left leg, it must've happened before she got there. She hadn't realized it til now…the pain almost made her give up. What was she doing here anyway? (I wanna go home…whereever that might be exactly..) She'd yawn a bit.

Tai sniffed around knowing a familiar scent of the outside was near, but her grubby eyes caught sight first and only on the gold looking chest that was just ‘outside.’ She licked her fangs as stars lit up her eyes. She ran forward to the open door, Yai and kae followed suit….

The commander, wasn't far off either, perhaps…right beneath there noses.

Kaeko to kaeko
Tai to taitai
Goju to yaiba
Commander Tak to takues