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"Real" Ghost stories
stephiJK at 8:06AM, May 1, 2007
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I've had a recent experience with ghosts o.o

One day I woke up at 6:00 in the morning (I distinctively look at my watch when I wake up XD), eyes wide and clear(for some odd reason). I heard whistling, It wasn't only me but my cat aswell. She was staring at the door, the whistling was continuous and kept the same tone over and over perfectly, I thought it was just the Gardener, so I went to sleep again. When I woke up I asked if anyone else heard it, even our gardener never recalled any whistling! So.. yeah I was a little freaked out. X_x;;

One Time I also saw a white man (as in clothes, the aurora, everything was white!) Walk past me, his footsteps were loud and so clear, it even silenced the music I was listening too with my Headset.. o.o
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“I'll give you one..”
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Aeon at 1:49PM, May 1, 2007
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This isn't exactly a ghost story, but I think it's pretty neat anyway.

My father lives on a houseboat in Texas named the Cloud Hidden. It's a medium sized boat, perfect for one person to live on, maybe about the size of a small studio apartment here in New York, and when Dad has visitors, he lets them sleep on the houseboat, and he sleeps on his little sailboat. His houseboat is full of interesting things, neat rocks and gems, swords and sculptures, and little trinkets he's collected. On the front panel of the boat is a resin bust of a lady wearing a crown, with flowing hair in the Art Nouveau style. Well, one of his friends was visiting him for the first time, and she spent the night sleeping in the cabin on the houseboat. She woke up the next morning, and told him she had the strangest dream. She dreamed she was approaching the boat, and saw the figurehead standing on the front deck, not just a bust, now, but a fully clothed, beautiful woman. She said the figurehead gestured to follow, and they swam under the boat. The figurehead gestured repeatedly to a spot on the hull towards the engine compartment in the back section of the boat, and dad's friend was led to understand that there was a leak there.

When she told my father the story, he was concerned, and he asked one of his friends with a boat trailer to help him haul the Cloud Hidden out of the water so they could take a look at the hull, and when they did, they found that there was a slow leak in exactly the spot described by my father's friend.
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Roguehill at 8:16AM, May 2, 2007
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Gak! That's a darned spooky premonition!

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kyupol at 8:52AM, May 2, 2007
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In my old place in the philippines…

One time I was awakened by sounds of gunfire, explosions, people screaming. It sounded like its coming from afar.

I was like. Shit. Then I went back to sleep.

Then I was awakened again but this time it was a woman singing that sounded so relaxing. The language something I couldnt understand. And shit I was freaked out.


Also in my old school in Manila… there is a locked girls bathroom. Its been said somebody commited suicide there in the 1960s. And when people walk by that door, there have been reports of knocking, scratching, and moaning sounds coming from the inside of that door. I heard it too.


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Eunice P at 5:13AM, May 3, 2007
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I'm somewhat surprised to know that there are so many westerners here believing in ghost. I always thought Asians were the only ones believing or experiencing ghostly events. Heck, Asians not only believe in ghosts, some of them believe in vampires, demons and youkais.

Reading these stories do spook me a bit. May these poor souls rest in peace.
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Roguehill at 6:31AM, May 3, 2007
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Oh, I think I can say that there's always been an abiding interest/belief in ghosts and the supernatural. Heck, I think that as many as 1 in 3 people have experienced something they would label as a “supernatural” or “paranormal”. It's interesting just to stop and talk to local people about haunted houses or ghosts and you'd be surprised (and perhaps creeped out) by the sheer number of “haunted” locations.
I think that the perception that highly technology-driven urbanized folk don't believe in ghosts is because….well…they're too busy playing Nintendo or text messaging to be paying attention!)
Honestly, in the town I grew up near, there are probably..hmm..25 to 30 houses. Of those houses, I've heard of 3 to be haunted in some way…and that's without me doing any investigating whatsoever! I just happened to be talking to some older friends and family who had heard things.
What if the ‘typical’ ratio of haunted houses to normal houses was closer to 25 to 30 percent? That would mean that nearly 1 in 4 houses (or appartments, trailers, whatever) had people who experienced some kind of haunting.
I just think that those kinds of odds are too high for ‘coincidences’. While I can't say that I'm a firm believer in ghosts (I haven't experienced anything myself), I do know that it's a very, very strange world out there.

Enjoy it!)

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fuzzyrobot at 9:18AM, May 3, 2007
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My dad is the owner of an old club, the “Iris Club”, in Reading/Wyomissing Pennsylvania. We lived there for some time before we moved to King of Prussia. He still owns it and is fixing it up to sell. It seems like almost a mansion, with spacious rooms and hallways, but has many empty and decaying rooms.

Note: I forget the order of these.. This seems like the right order though.


One night as I was in bed, I was having difficulty sleeping (as I usually did). Suddenly, I noticed my dad looking into my room, checking on me from the hallway. He remained there for a while and I felt happy that he was looking over me like that (I must have been at least as young as ten, but thought this was cute of him). Eventually I fell asleep.
The next morning, curious, I asked him why he was checking on me in the night like that. Surprised, he said that he did nothing like that.
I was definitely awake when I saw the perfect likeness of my dad. hm.


Another time, earlier in the night, I was waiting for my dad to come home with our dinner. I got antsy in that old house when i was alone, especially when it was dark. Sometimes, my dad took up to an hour to return.

Suddenly, I saw him (from the living room) walking from the main hallway into the kitchen. Our front and back doors open noisily, so I was surprised that I had not heard them. I was always so relieved when he came back home, and I immediately got up and ran into the kitchen.
The kitchen was empty. I assumed that he had gone into the bathroom (rediculously quickly) and checked the bathroom. empty.
The kitchen was an enormous room, but had few fixtures. There were no doors aside from the one I had just entered. I realized that I had not seen my dad..

I spent what seemed like forever curled up on the couch in pants-pissing fear waiting for him to come home! Kind of mean to leave a kid in a house like that..
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FoxmanZEO at 6:24PM, May 3, 2007
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Eunice P
I'm somewhat surprised to know that there are so many westerners here believing in ghost. I always thought Asians were the only ones believing or experiencing ghostly events. Heck, Asians not only believe in ghosts, some of them believe in vampires, demons and youkais.

Reading these stories do spook me a bit. May these poor souls rest in peace.

That has to be sarcasm. At every barbecue or get together I've been to, when someone mentions the supernatural, almost everyone there will have at least one handful of stories or opinions.

I'm yet to actually meet a sceptic.
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Kaida_Shibata at 11:44PM, June 18, 2007
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I love ghost stories! I honestly believe that I live in a haunted house! there has been so many things that have happened in the house to me, my roommates and friends visiting that I couldn't tell them all here. There have been things that happened to my family members over the years as well. So here are a couple short ones for you.

This was many years ago. It was the middle of fall here in West Virginia when the trees are fully blazing their color on the mountains and darkness starts to come so early. My uncle and my dad had spent the day together fishing and had grabbed dinner before coming home so it was getting to be pretty dark in the mountains when he dropped my dad off at home. He hadn't been driving for more than thirty minutes when he saw an old man walking along the side of the road. Since it was getting to be so late and it would be full dark soon he stopped to ask the man if he would like a ride somewhere. The old man had come closer so he could see that he was probably in his fifties and was plainly dressed. The way it was told he seemed to be the type of mountain man that is nearly extinct now. The kind where you couldn't tell if it was still 1900 or 2000 if you didn't know what year it was. My uncle said that the man never said a word just looked at him for a few seconds and slowly nodded his head yes. The old man turned to walk around the front of the truck. He never made it to the passenger side door. My uncle had seen the old man vanish into the light cast by the headlights.
He said it was the most scared he had been in his life when he was telling the story to my dad and grandmother the next day. My grandmother then told him a story about a mail carrier from around the turn of the century when very few had vehicles. Even if he had one he would not have been able to get it to some of the houses way up an the mountains so he always rode a horse to deliver his mail. One day he was found murdered, his body left at the side of that road and his horse was stolen. I guess he is still waiting for his beloved horse, his murderer, or just someone who will stop and offer him some help.

This one happened even earlier then the one above. My parents were still living in Ohio when my dad's dad died. They had arranged time off from work to come back to West Virginia for the funeral. They had both came off long shifts and loaded the car and started driving. My mom was driving and my dad was taking a nap so that he could take over driving later. Apparently my mother was more tired than she thought. She had fallen asleep while driving and the car had started to drift to the highways guardrails. My dad said that he woke up because he heard his fathers voice shout, “Wake up son or she will kill you both!” and a hand roughly shake his shoulder. Dad woke up in time to grab wheel and wake up my mom.
Well hope you enjoyed reading them I enjoyed reading the others!
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MagickLorelai at 12:39AM, June 19, 2007
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Ghost stories? I've a few….

Let's see. One of the most scary experiences I've had was a few years ago. I was in a dead sleep(no pun intended), when this horrible, “My life is in danger” fear wrack me from my core, and I went from asleep to crystal-clear conscious in an instant. As soon as my eyes were open, I saw a shadow moving within shadows, something that I could only see because of a steam rolling over the shape; definition of form by lack of visibility underneath the “steam” rolling over it. The hand was directly over my throat. I said, “Oh shit. Go away.” For whatever reason, the “shadow” pulled back, seemed to almost shrug, and walked out my door. Rather, THROUGH my door.

Another time, a little over a year ago, I dreamt I was in an old house that I used to live in. I went up the stairs, and the walls started to change into that of like a Japanese dojo, with the paper-covered sliding doors/walls. I wandered on through, and it became a maze of hallways. Everytime I would get lost, a Japanese woman in a pure white kimono, and loose, disheveled hair would appear and turn down the hallway I needed to go down. I followed this pattern a few more times, before entering a room lit by candles. The woman who had been guiding me was standing in the middle of the room, holding a second white kimono, which she offered to me. I accepted the Kimono, kneeled before her, and bent my head forward, exposing the back of the neck. I clearly felt a blade enter the back of my neck. Then I woke up.

When I woke up, the woman from my dream was standing over me with a solemn look on her face, before she turned and walked out of the room.

And of course, just a few nights ago, I woke up to see a shadowcreature with glowing red eyes scuttling and crawling across my floor. THAT was fun. -_- I got no sleep after that.
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Disgruntledrm at 12:45AM, June 19, 2007
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I've got several, but I guess I'll use the funniest one.

I was spending the night at my friend Rebecca's house with two other friends of mine, Caitlyn and Hannah. Rebecca is hispanic, and more than a bit superstitious. It was about 3 AM, and we were…incredibly bored. We'd just finished watching the special edition of Frighteners, and didn't want to go to sleep. All of the soda we'd been drinking didn't help. So Becca tells us about this game involving a red book. The game is called, surprise…red book. Any red book will do, and you can only do this with a red book (though we tried it with a black book too, and it worked just fine…so meh.) Anyway, everyone in the group has to place a hand on the book. And then you all have to repeat ‘we wish to summon a spirit’ as many times as there are people in the group, for instance…since there were 4 of us…we said it 4 times. Becca then took the book and asked a question, looking up and opening the book at a random page to put her finger on a word. I don't remember her question, but this was basically a book entirely in spanish; and we had to use a dictionary for some of the words. It was pretty fun, though half an hour into it…Becca had to put a pillow behind her back (her back was facing the open doorway, and I guess she was feeling nervous.) The questions at first were pretty funny, we kept asking if the ghost wanted to do naughty things to poor little Caitlyn, who got irritated pretty quickly. Then we started to ask things like ‘who were you in life’. The answer was knight. Then we asked ‘why haven’t you passed on' and, I'm not kidding…the answer was revenge.

So we said good-bye to this spirit, and summoned a different one. This time, Caitlyn asked who it was. The answer ‘Butcher’. What did it want to do? ‘Kill’. Who? Okay, this answer…was probably the creepiest one all night…'You.' Then Becca's pillow fell down and we all screamed, because…that's what you do when you're hyper, and doing something you ‘shouldn’t be doing' I suppose. Eventually, we decided to call it a night. We played the game again later with different red books, but it seemed the only one we could ever get was the ‘Butcher’…and occassionally this wierd group of 3 Vaqueros. Their story was pretty interesting, they got tied to trees and left in the middle of the desert. But then again, it's all a game. Maybe the answers we got were just coincidence?
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StaceyMontgomery at 6:09AM, June 19, 2007
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Just for the record, I am a total skeptic - there are no such things as ghosts.

I'm enjoying this thread - and I'll swap ghost stories at a barbecue, so maybe you don't notice the other skeptics you meet! Ghost stories are a lot of fun.

As child, i was very disappointed to grow up in a lovely old town that didn't seem to have any good ghost stories. There was a house where someone encountered the ghost of his son (who had recently gone missing in Vietnam) - it was a very spooky story - but the son later turned out to be alive and,actually, fine, so as stories go, it was disappointing (though it worked out much better for the family, obviously).

Still, whenever I see a lovely old new england home, Im disappointed if it doesn't have at least one good story. Anyone who is not haunted by the past is just not paying attention.
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PhatScurl at 8:23AM, June 19, 2007
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I don't remember too many details since its been awhile since i've heard the story but, there's a creek or river near my house called Crying Boy. A few years before i moved here a mother lived around this river (before it was called Crying Boy), and she had a son. Apparently, the boy cried, a lot, and the mother eventually lost it. She put her son in the car and drove to the river, and then threw her son in the river. That much is true, but apparently some people have claimed when they drive by the river they here a baby crying. Thus it got renamed Crying Boy.

Another one i heard recently is at Winthrop University, which i think has been named one of the most haunted places in the south. Anyway, there are only 3 building on the campus that are not considered to be haunted, and there is one in particuliar that's super haunted. The building has been closed down now because the floors are rotting. I've had this story verified by a mother of a friend who attended the college and was in the dorm when it happened, but a girl who lived on the fourth floor (the now most haunted floor) commited suicide, and her stuff was never actually moved out of the room, along with a LOT of other furniture. Since then, several students looking for a cheap thrill have asked nightguards to spend the night in the house. One girl broke into the fourth floor one night and the floor gave way beneath her (rotting floors), luckily her friend was able to grab her before she fell to her death. But now the 4th floor is completely closed off because there is a HUGE hole in its floor you can't get past.
Anyway, few students who have spent the night in this building ever sleep. They have disturbed by sounds of both doors and windows slamming shut, and the sounds of moving furniture. One case in particular was when a construction group came in to do repairs each day they came in all the furniture would be in a different place.

I love ghost stories like this, i've already talked to all my friends saying that after we graduate we should go on a road trip and spend the night in some of the most haunted places in the south. I think it'd be awesome.
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rmccool at 9:51AM, June 19, 2007
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saw a horse and rider in the snow.. they went a up road to a building that burn down 60 years ago.. people where walking around having a dance or something . for a few momants it was like a window in to the past was open… and then it was gone and it was just snow …. we got out of the car to look for foot prints in the snow and found nothing..
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Ryan McLelland at 10:24AM, June 19, 2007
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My best friend's gf Alyson and I got heavily into the Ouija board in high school. Some people loved it, some thoughts we were nuts. One such was my best friend Jon (Alyson's bf).

One afternoon after school we were sitting around and the spirit was VERY forceful. We asked for a sign and suddenly hissing came from the stereo. Not loud…but a hiss. We were like WHAT? No one in the room (there were 5 of us) was making a noise, we looked out the window and no one was there.

Alyson and I were like, “OH WE GOT A LIVE ONE HERE!”

We start back with the board. We are asking it questions and it kept saying things like ‘kill him’ and ‘kill Jon’. Jon's like, “Ryan, that's not funny!” And I'm like…“It's not me dude. It's your girlfriend that wants you dead.”

Alyson told the spirit to stop. It would for a bit then it would start back. Finally it got kinda…freaky. I mean…if I wasn't pushing it and she wasn't…it was getting very morbid. So my buddy Bill, another chick, and I decided to leave, Jon stays with Alyson. We get out the front door onto the lawn and hear a scream. No…not a scream…A BLOOD-CURLING DEATH YELL!

I looked at Bill, him to me, and we ran full speed back into the house. Through the corridors and into Alyson's room. The lights were OUT. The room was DARK. And Alyson is crying. She's holding Jon going “wake up…wake up”.

Suddenly the lights come back on. Jon's eyes flutter and he wakes up. Bill and I are like, “What the hell?” If this was a prank…it went a little far. Alyson's brothers weren't home, no one else was, so it wasn't like someone else was with the lights.

And you can fake things but Jon was WHITE. COMPLETELY WHITE. He asked what happened and Alyson said the lights just went out and Jon just dropped to the floor.

Now we were thinking, “Great. Alyson is TRYING TO KILL JON.” But Jon had no bruises or anything, like he was hit over the head. Jon then got pissed at Alyson, grabbed the Ouija board…and like typical teenagers burned it on the sidewalk.

It was, however, the last time I ever touched a Ouija board. To the end of our days together years later we still talked about the incident and how…well…real it really was.
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Sea_Cow at 9:02PM, June 19, 2007
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Oh cool. I happen to have a somewhat creepy ghost story.

I used to go to this one school that I lived walking-distance from. I would have my friend over, and since we both went to the same school, we'd walk there together. This is the same friend I mentioned in the “Random Violence” thread of the Discussion and debate topic, by the way. So, one day, we were walking to the school, and we walked past a track field. There was a coat on the bleachers, but there was noone in sight. We didn't pay it much mind. Then, we heard the scream. It wasn't one of those “some toddler getting really pissed” screams. It was quite authentic. And, as I said, noone was anywhere nearby. At this point, our pace quickened. A lot. And, as with any good horror story, we had to go through a path in the dark forest in order to reach the school. Going up the hill, we saw something hung on a tree branch on the other side of the fence. It was a fairly lumpy sack. Then we noticed the brownish-reddish stains on it, and sprinted the rest of the way to the school.

The next day, the sack was gone.

May have jusat been some teenagers playing a prank or three, but I doubt it. It was DAMN SCARY.
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Neilak20 at 7:44PM, June 23, 2007
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I'm gonna post 2 of my experiances up here quickly then get back to reading everyone else's stories. (I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's seen things.)

1) My Grandfather was very ill and in the hospital, I couldnt stand being in the hospital and seeing him ill so I stayed home one day while my family went to visit. I was home alone, with all the doors locked, sitting on my bed in the corner of our house when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure standing in the doorway to my room. When I looked up, I saw that the cloths hanging on the top of the door were moveing back and forth and the figure was gone. There were alot of cloths hanging on there, and thus were too heavey to be moved by the central air or fan so I assumed someone had broken in. I wound up grabbing my sword from the foot of my bed (where that one remains to this day) and searched the house for the “Intruder”. After I got through about the house once, moveing from my room into my Grandparents room I had a cold chill go up my back and felt a presence. I said basically “whoever's in the house, I have a sword, Leave now, or I'm calling the cops”, and continued to search the house. All the doors were still locked, there was no signs of intrusion. I was the only one there. Later that day my family called to tell me my Grandfather passed away that day, all I could say was “I know.” I think the shadow at my door was him comeing to say good-bye.

2) A couple years later when my Grandmother (wife to my Grandfather of the last story) was in the hospital, I stayed home again while my family went to visit her. I really cant stand hospitals. Basically I was cooking myself some instant soup in the kitchen and was draining off the excess water when a large black wing moved past my face, the feathers were huge o_o. I wound up putting my soup pot down and wandering the house again with my sword looking for the “bird” that had someone found its way through locked doors. After searching for awhile and finding nothing I got a chill again and said “I understand, please leave your scaring me”. Within an hour from that event I got a phone call from my family telling me my Grandmother had past away.

Partway through typing this up I remembered another forum's ghost story thread I posted these on a year or so ago. MangaPunk Ghost Stories I think its interesting to look back.
I believe in spirits and things, though I am always wary to try to explain things terrestrially first. Always rule out those things that could make strange things seem to happen before you conclude that it is truely something extrodinary. Maybe that's why I patrol my house with a sword when something strange happens o_o

Now I shall go off and read the rest of the posts on this thread ^_^
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monsterfriend at 3:15PM, June 24, 2007
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theres a place called burnside and in burnside is an old mill near the railroad tracks
called the hobble house three stories i know about it

story one a little boy fell to his death while on the stairs as a train shook the
building they say you can still hear his screams as a train passes

story 2 because the mill has stood since the time of slavery a slave fell into one of
the mills and was ground to death a red aura is seen there and if someone stands to
close they will die there have been cases where ground remains have been removed

story 3 a train car full of circus freaks broke off and stopped near the mill known
as the hobble house and they took up shelter in it the police shot them when they
refused to leave they say any cop that enters is found dead the next day

i stayed there alone and i'll never do it again it scared the hell out of me thinking
i die by the slave since i'm not a cop and the little boy only wails
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Eunice P at 12:53AM, June 25, 2007
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2) A couple years later when my Grandmother (wife to my Grandfather of the last story) was in the hospital, I stayed home again while my family went to visit her. I really cant stand hospitals. Basically I was cooking myself some instant soup in the kitchen and was draining off the excess water when a large black wing moved past my face, the feathers were huge o_o. I wound up putting my soup pot down and wandering the house again with my sword looking for the “bird” that had someone found its way through locked doors. After searching for awhile and finding nothing I got a chill again and said “I understand, please leave your scaring me”. Within an hour from that event I got a phone call from my family telling me my Grandmother had past away.

My mom had experience this so-called black bird circling in the room where my grandpa had passed away. My grandpa passed away before I was born but this story was told by my mom. Even till this day, whenever my mom notices any bird nests built on our house, she would instantly call my dad to get rid of it. And she would constantly remind me that whenever a bird enters a house, I should be cautious and get rid of it quikly.

Back to the story what my mom told me (I'm not a good writer but I'll try to describe it as clearly as possible):

When my grandpa was lying very sick on his bed, my mom noticed that a few black birds flew into the room. Nobody paid much attention to the birds until it had gotten very bizarre that they kept circling near the ceiling from night till dusk and they would fly out when dawn breaks and flew back in every night.

One of my relatives consulted a local Taoist priest/shaman and asked if he could help investigate this strange matter. The shaman then performed some ritual and mentioned that he had sent a spirit guide to investigate my grandpa's room. But half way during the ritual, he said that a young spirit in his 20's was standing in front of the door, blocking the spirit guide from entering the house. The shaman then went on describing the feature of the young man and his description matched the young man belonging to one my extended family members who had passed away few years ago in his early 20's. He mentioned that the young man came back as a guardian spirit to protect my family and he would need to obtain his approval in order to allow the spirit guide to enter the house.

In order to do so, he requested one of my family members to place an “approval” charm in front of the door to indicate that the spirit guide came only to investigate the place and meant no harm to the family members. After the “approval” charm was placed, he continued the ritual and said the spirit guide was granted permission to enter. Later on, he told my family members that the spirit guide had returned. The spirit informed him that the black birds were the indication of my grandpa passing to the next world soon.

A few days later, my grandpa did pass away. Strangely after that, the black birds never returns.


This is another story:

About a few years back, I rented a place at the northern region of my country. The owner of the house was an 80-year-old lady. All of her family members had passed away and she lived alone in a big house that was left by one of her family members and the rest of her empty rooms were rented out to some students and me.

I remembered seeing a bird flew into her house and she got panic. She quickly grabbed a broom and chased it out. After the bird was gone, she was extremely nervous and she wouldn't dare go back to her room for the whole day. I asked her why but she didn't mention anything. She did say something about “I want to keep on living” (or I don't want to die now). I find it an uncanny fact that this old lady who is living over a thousand miles from my home actually associate birds that entered the house as premonition of death.

Perhaps it may be some uncommon belief amongst the Chinese that when a black bird enters a house, it's an indication that someone who's living in the house would not live long.
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7384395948urhfdjfrueruieieueue at 10:38AM, June 25, 2007
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I kinda' gave up belief in ghosts after paying $12 to get into the Whaley House, most haunted house in America, and nothing happened the whole time.

Anyway, closest story to where I live.
Oswego - Cherry Rd. - A long time ago, there was a girl and her boyfriend driving down the road after prom. Towards the end of the road, there is a sharp curve and at night you can't really see it. Supposedly they went off the road and the girl died instantly. The boy crawled out of the road and wrote help in his own blood. He died right after that. On some nights, you are supposed to see it written in the road and you can see the girl walking down the road. - This is rumored to be a hoax. It is said the road crews find it fun to write “Help” in the tar when resurfacing them. Also belived this is a different road than Help Road in Ottawa.
i will also like to know you the more
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Roguehill at 12:34PM, June 25, 2007
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Hey! Nice to see that this thread is still being enjoyed!

Eunice - There's belief's about birds being linked to death and the afterlife in the small towns where I grew up. One of them involves the whipoorwhills that blanket the hillsides and sing all night long (a single bird typically repeats it's song about 400 times). It's said that if they all go quiet at once that someone nearby is dying.

I seem to recall something about birds in the house being an omen of death as well…but I don't remember specifics.


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Kohdok at 3:27PM, June 25, 2007
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I am under the belief that my former house is haunted by our old cat. Sometimes I'd see what looks like the shadowy figure of a cat walking in a very normal-looking fashion out of the corner of my eye, I'd turn and it would vanish.

The time that scared me the most was when a pile of papers that was on the kitchen counter sort of exploded as if something had leaped off of the counter in great haste. At first I thought it was our current cat, but seeing her lying on the floor looking just as shocked as I was within about three feet of me told me differently.

I think the haunting of the previous cat is one of the reasons our current cat is such a neurotic…
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Neilak20 at 5:15PM, June 25, 2007
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Eunice P
I remembered seeing a bird flew into her house and she got panic. She quickly grabbed a broom and chased it out. After the bird was gone, she was extremely nervous and she wouldn't dare go back to her room for the whole day. I asked her why but she didn't mention anything. She did say something about “I want to keep on living” (or I don't want to die now). I find it an uncanny fact that this old lady who is living over a thousand miles from my home actually associate birds that entered the house as premonition of death.

Perhaps it may be some uncommon belief amongst the Chinese that when a black bird enters a house, it's an indication that someone who's living in the house would not live long.

I've been a bit facinated with black birds since the even in our Kitchen and I did some research on superstisions surrounding them. The connection between a Black Bird and death seems to be very wide spread, from Native Americans to Europeans to Most Eastern Cultures. People in England and Ireland (from what I've read) had sayings to ward off Magpies and that different numbers of the birds meant different things. There seems to be alot of folklore surrounding black birds of all types.
I think the thing I experianced and the things your family experianced are no coinidence, they're definately messengers.
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Sea_Cow at 12:13PM, June 26, 2007
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Ah, here's another one from li'l old me…

When I was a little boy, I was somewhat prone to creepy nightmares, a lot of which had a common theme. Let's see if you can guess what it was.

First dream: I was walking to school one day, when, up in the ravine path, this one guy steps over the fence. He's wearing all black. I pick my pace up. He does, too. I start running, and I'm almost to the school grounds, when I suddenly can't cover any ground. I'm running in place. I can't hear the guy's footsteps, they're drowned out by these massive thudding ones that make the trees shake. I turn around to see what it is, then wake up.

Second dream: I'm at home with my parents, when they get a phone call that scares them. They meet with some other people in front of the house, and get into this van. I run after it, but it drives away, and I hear those exact same footsteps. Again, I wake up just as I turn around.

Third dream: My parents and I are driving through a dark forest at night(Note: We're in the van from the last dream). We stop at some wierd little building with a hot tub outside. I get into the hot tub while my parents enter the building. I wait for a while, then decide to go into the building and check on my parents. Right as I get out of the hot tub, guess what I hear? Yup, same footsteps. And, as usual, I wake up before I can see what this thing is.

Fourth Dream, and this one is seriously freaky: A little later in my life, when I thought those footstep dreams were over, I had this one. I'm at school, waiting for my parents to pick me up. They don't come. My school got out at 3:30 then, so I probably waited, what, six hours? It was dark by the time I decided to walk home. I looked over at the ravine path, and it was black. Not just shaded, absolutely pitch black. Some kids walked in, and somehow, I knew they were dead. Just looking at that shadow made me want to scream. The dim orange lights didn't help either. I look around, and everyone in the school is gone. Then, those footsteps start falling again, and as usual, I don't get the chance to see the source.

Upon waking up from that, I somehow manage to sleep again, and run smack into a very similar dream.

This time, it's a similar scenario, but I have the brains to walk home earlier. Not that it matters. As I come out of the ravine path, everything is warped. The road, and the nearby middle school, are gone. There's just this bark-covered path leading into a fork. One way leads up into this strange forest of trees with no leaves. The light is a yellow that is almost orange, casting long shadows. The trees are scarce, but they lead into a deeper forest. I head in that direction. A few steps in, it happens. First, I have this feeling of complete and total terror. I am probably pissing myself in bed. It has no source, I am just too scared to even blink or breathe. Then, as if that wasn't enough, the footsteps come. This time, I decide I don't even want to see the source. I run like hell, then finally wake up.

Coincidence? I don't know, but I'm going to go lock myself in my bedroom and bolt the doors. Then I'll cry myself to sleep about something else.
I am so happy to finally be back home
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Eunice P at 11:48PM, June 26, 2007
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Roguehill: Interesting. Actually, this is the first time I heard of the Western culture that associates a bird in the house as an omen of death. It's like the belief of ghosts that transcends most cultures.

Neilak20: I did some research online and I found this interesting superstition.

If a bird flies through your house, it indicates important news. If it can't get out, the news will be death.


An ill-omened bird, able to predict the future, particularly death. The raven is ‘the messenger of death’ (American Indian) and has a very developed sense of smell which can detect the odour of decay from some distance.

When I was a little boy, I was somewhat prone to creepy nightmares…

I used to have nightmares every night when I was a kid too. Nightmares about death of family members, falling off a cliff, nightmares of getting killed, getting lost in the dark in an abandoned graveyard or empty old mansion, and getting chased by someone or something. I had nightmares for 10 almost years until I discovered an effective technique to stop having nightmares. And now, I no longer any nightmares and most of the time I sleep without having any dreams at all.
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Neilak20 at 10:50AM, June 27, 2007
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Eunice: That's really interesting, I wonder if the type of bird in the house matters?
In Norse Mythology Odin, the top god, had two Messenger Ravens, Memory and Thought, that would give him advice and tell him news. It was said that nothing could move faster than them so they made the best messengers.

I used to have recurring nightmares about a black dog (I've since learned that that's a bad omen too). It was strange because we had a black dog as a pet at the time, and in the last of the dreams after I'd been chased onto our roof and all, I called forth out pet dog and he saved me from the evil dog in the dream. After that I didnt have another “Black Dog Dream”.

Another Reoccuring nightmare I had was Small Raptor Dinosaurs attacking people and me running to a tourist bus for safety. I dont really think dinosaurs fall under any supersitions though o_o do they? (Maybe they count as birds…)

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Aurora Moon at 11:27AM, June 27, 2007
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When I was really, really young, I would have those creepy and morbid dreams too. like, reoccuring ones. I'd dream that everyone in the whole world had died, as seeing everywhere I saw there'd be Tombstones and black birds everywhere. Oh, and there would be this scarecrow stalking me at times. There was even this one time when I just stood calmly and let him get close. I then procceded to watch him stab me repeatly, although I wasn't dying for some reason in the dream.
I'd also dream that I was in the underground tunnels of my boarding school… but that it had grown into this huge labyrith, and there would be this dinosauar stalking and eating the kids that was going though it. and for me to “win” I had to get to the center, where there was this creepy all-white bright room with an huge, heavy black metal door in it. But not just that, I had to open that door too to really win. Every time I dreamed that dream, I would always get to that werid room… and I'd be desperately trying to get that blasted black door open, only that dinosauar would get me in the end every time. That one dream sucked.

I don't have those dreams anymore. Now I seem to dream more about being in an world that's like combined fantasy and mordern life….

But sorry, this is getting off topic. I only posted such things snice some people here was posting about their dreams…
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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Well, while we're talking about black birds, I have a semi-interesting story concerning them. Once, I went on a vacation with some friends to Winthrope. For some reason, they have a summer home there. Anyways, we were on this place that used to be a farmland, but somehow just stopped. Nobody really knows why, but it could have still been harvested today. The old farmhouse was rebuilt after a mysterious fire that burned the old one down. (Maybe that's why the farmer is no longer with us?) The barn is completely unsalvageable. They just left it there to rot and decay. Needless to say, it's a bit creepy. Even when we'd gone into it in broad daylight, there was something spooky about it. And once, this huge murder of crows flew around above it. Later, when I went inside, there was one crow still flapping around in there. At night, I sometimes saw a light out of the corner of my eye, coming from the direction of the barn. When I turned my head to look, it was gone. Ghost story potential, anyone?
I am so happy to finally be back home
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I think this nightmare thread needs to be separated from this main thread since it's not relevent to Ghost Stories. I'll start a new thread then.
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hey is it a good omen if a cat eats a black bird
somthing about the lighting in wal greens makes you want to steal or pay half btw go here
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