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Redux: Did you just update? Tell us why someone should visit your comic. But ONLY AFTER commenting about the comic BEFORE yours. ^_^
PyThomas at 9:51PM, March 14, 2008
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Well played. I better start checking my ceilings. :nervous:

Today on Times Like This: One more little anecdote on an obscure 80s song…
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Ziffy88 at 10:25PM, March 14, 2008
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The Robot is the libertarian dance.

Attention updated today
People have weird talents…
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Katch at 10:41PM, March 14, 2008
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HAHAH, i like that one =}

no, it certainly ISNT like that XD

imagine if the talent was dancing, omai~

anyhow, RA just updated and uhhh…Boom?
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Terminal at 12:30AM, March 15, 2008
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@katch: I've never seen a =D in an explosion.

Also, the one panel format worked for this particular page.

Somewhere in SF updates.
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Mister Kent at 12:03PM, March 15, 2008
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Kach! ~ I love that happy kersplosion in the new Revenge Addict!

Terminal! ~ I'd watch The SF :D The next chapter will be good, I know

Bug Groove…I mean, Blood Groove updates with another Pandemonium File - and the secret of the House of Light and Truth is (partially) revealed. Only a few pages left in the chapter, and I think my art is improving :)

(Lady Doom will update soon!)
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simonitro at 12:59PM, March 15, 2008
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On Blood Groove, that's my biology lesson for today… the way alientic or gigantic cacoons hatch. If this is the case, this comic could help me with biology assignment everytime I would read it… Groovy!!


On the recent Billy Learns To Rock, May, Billy's older sister, makes an appearance in this current story arc with a hot active looking outfit. What's her part in the entire situation? Figure out soon…

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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BlueFlame_Studios at 1:42PM, March 15, 2008
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Billy Learns To Rock

I love the title, it sounds like a movie from the 80s (which is good).

Interesting page but I'm not sure as to what's going on.

Autumn Blood has updated today! Spamacky and Buck prepare for their BRAWL with out little Red Box Pilot.

His name will be revealed shortly.

A Comic by Habilis_Orian

Autumn Blood Forums

My deviantArt Page
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Ziffy88 at 10:00PM, March 15, 2008
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You you fight!Awesome use of effects

Attention updated!
I found one good thing about chemistry!
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usedbooks at 12:18AM, March 16, 2008
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I think that's a whole different kind of chemistry. ;) You have to be careful about blanking out in class. Inevitably, that is the moment the professor/teacher says the one sentence that makes the whole chapter make sense (or announces that the test has been rescheduled or something).


Seiko is pondering the wisdom (or lack thereof) of her actions in today's page of Used Books. I had fun drawing the scenery on this page, a forest in the rain.
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Katch at 12:41AM, March 16, 2008
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Nice work on the scenery but GEEZUZ WOMAN XD
462 pages~!? gawd XD

you're fantabulous~

anyhow, uhhh…
Nu & Me updated
i also made the cover for a new comic i'll work on later, that's Unseelie~
i haven't made a banner for it yet so you'll have to look at it through my profile ^^ but please to take a gander at it~
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kiandranishan at 1:49AM, March 16, 2008
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Nu and Me - I love this comic so much. I would so buy a Nu & Me shirt or calender…or something!

Unseelie - Great cover. I love the colors and the sketchy style.


Of Snakes and Apples updates. Eve is asked to do something she doesn't really want to do. Warning nudity.
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junoblairb at 10:11AM, March 16, 2008
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Of Snakes and Apples: You got some awesome ink work there! And your anatomy is out of this world - some of the angles you used are beyond impressive. And I'm digging your concept. I've always loved twists on stories like this. :D

Star Cross'd Destiny updated with super explosion goodness complete with people getting thrown out of cars. Shiny cars. Shiny cars getting electrocuted. And the story rocks. That's why you should read it. :)

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freakenburger at 1:58PM, March 16, 2008
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I'm not sure of what's happening in Star Crossed Destiny (I'm a 1st time reader), but it can't be bad if it's well drawn and has explosions! Very nicely drawn, I should check the archives…

Both Telenime and Freakenburg were updated.

In Telenime we have more Chibi Hell action, as Kin's lack of luck seems to have no end!

Freakenburg is still alive and kicking, now with an “M” rating. Nina shows her “special power”, Mairiko shows a little bit more than that, and you'll know what's with that towel very soon!

When Mireille Bouquet jumps into a lake, she doesn't get wet. The water gets Mireille Bouquet!

In Soviet Russia, Freakenburg and Telenime will be relaunched by YOU!!!
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Aurora Borealis at 1:41AM, March 17, 2008
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Telenime… judging from the forehead plate the girl's from Naruto, right? (Never really watched it). Don't think anyone ever did a Ninjamaid :)

Freakenburg… interesting page to start reading :D

nice, clean art in both of them.

Din Krakatau updates with the seventh page, which might not be the greatest page BUT it's a page where important questions are asked.
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DAJB at 3:10AM, March 17, 2008
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We've already been told in Din Krakatau that our main character's memory is not exactly complete. The latest update doesn't provide answers but it does give us our first fleeting glimpse of what he might have forgotten!

Catch this one while it's still new!


Meanwhile, in the latest update to Shades, a young woman is asked to get naked and a slightly older woman seems to be heading into danger.

What more could you possibly want?
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Baconators at 5:20AM, March 17, 2008
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It's my first time reading Shades, but I must say that the art is unbelievable, most specifically the facial expressions, which truly give off an idea of how the characters feel about their current situations. Just this one latest strip has gotten me intrigued to browse through the rest of the comic…not the mention the good laugh it gave me. Although I don't think it was intentional, I laughed pretty hard upon seeing a Xena-like warrior woman step out of a modern car. ^_^


The latest What if is a more science-driven joke solely based around a pun.
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cs3ink at 6:17AM, March 17, 2008
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Funky humor abounds in What if.

Terran Sandz isn't fairing very well against his god & his god's plaything.

Steely Dan steps out into the rain in Broken Things. Is that a smile on his face? Can't be.

Creator of Terran Sandz and Broken Things, and now Dead. Check 'em out.
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kiandranishan at 7:07AM, March 17, 2008
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Terran Sandz - beautiful page! I wish I could ink like that. I must read the rest…but after a nap…I is so sleepy.

Broken Things - Another beautiful page, I love the rain! I must read this one too…after my nap >.>


Kenyagi updates. Chi shares something with the girl to show her what she is protecting her from…trying to win the girl's trust.
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crifmer at 8:04AM, March 17, 2008
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Kenyagi - I absolutely LOVE the colored pencil. The art is simply gorgeous.


Posted begins the Beaufort Marlowe, P.I. story. My first attempt at a parody, not to mention trying a new style.
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albone at 8:45AM, March 17, 2008
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Posted is a great strip. Lots of laughs and definitely zany.


Rival Angels updates today with the announcement of the Fatal Four Way with our favorite rookie wrestlers.
You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor!
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Katch at 1:42PM, March 17, 2008
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i'm turning green from envy~!! on St Patrick's Day no less~!! XD
wow, i read through your work before, its completely worth it =O
you're a great artist ^^ keep it up~!!

Nu & Me updated with a St Patrick's Day special~
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Doctor Shadow at 1:47PM, March 17, 2008
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Rival Angels: I'm running out of things to say about this great comic, the excellent art and the truly sharp storytelling are just two of the big draws. The fact that it's going to feature a Fatal-4-Way should be reason enough to go see!

Nu&Me deserves some love as well, always has a funny story and amusing little characters.

The Chronicles of Wyrden updates today with the first part of the introduction of Kalon Rhadon, a man who is just as dangerous as he looks. Rhadon is the protagonist that I used in the book: Fate's Hand, from which the comic is inspired and this gives an insight to certain things after the book.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: since I was ninja'd on my post I decided to delete it and re-post.

A Ronin writer, a masterless samurai of the written word…
Updating: Thursdays. Now in glorious Ink Wash and Water Soluble Pencil! Reva's note: This is not created digitally, it's all hand drawn and inked.
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Steely Gaze at 2:24PM, March 17, 2008
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The Chronicles of Wyrden gives us some answers today, but also leaves us with more questions. And it's neat to finally learn the identity of the tail who followed Scar.


A Roll of the Dice updates today with the start of a new storyline. And we discover Henry's nerdiest side yet.
A Roll of the Dice now with full-size pages!

John Clyde now with ten times the tacky Hawaiian shirts!
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Ziffy88 at 3:10PM, March 17, 2008
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Larpers are terrible! Though fanfic writers that use the mary sue character even worst

The Other Me
More Talking…though nothing deep yet!

My friends from Texas are here in SoCal

Something falls out from the sky!
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BlkKnight at 3:34PM, March 17, 2008
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I'll pick The Other Me to comment on: It's simple, yet the dialog manages to get the point across.


Crossing Death updates today solving the question “is it possible to run past someone you owe alot of money to in the open and have them not notice you?”
That's “Dr. BlkKnight” to all of you.
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Katch at 6:30PM, March 17, 2008
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I do say, that would be VERY tricky…run real fast XD
i just put up my first critter sheet ^_^ yay for flesh eating faeries.
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PyThomas at 9:46PM, March 17, 2008
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That's a creepy-lookin' werewolf-type beast. Well drawn.

Today on Times Like This (go to before midnight): Everybody walk the dinosaur!
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usedbooks at 5:33AM, March 18, 2008
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Oh all those memorable fictional t-rexes and how they've given us such an accurate picture of prehistoric life. XD That guy looks a little thin, too… Watch out! – Don't worry. I'm sure he just wants to give them a great big hug.


One of my favorite pages of Used Books was posted today. It is a touching, character-defining moment. I also included some subtle little touches in the big panels to add to symbolism and refer to previous plot points and story elements.
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trevoramueller at 9:35AM, March 18, 2008
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Used Books updates daily, which is a feat upon itself (I have enough troubles trying to update 3x per week in black and white). The story is integrated and weaves a tale of intensity and drama, with interesting and veristile characters. You should be reading this comic.


Trevor and Susie encounter their first 12 year old in @$$hole!

The last page of Chapter 5: Whispers of Sorrow. Now it's time to bring the fight to the people who need it. Next week will start Chapter 6: The Way of the Samurai!
My Drunk Duck Comics:

Nominated for numerous web awards, see more news at My Website
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amanda at 10:51AM, March 18, 2008
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I'd totally fight with the swordsman after his speech. *rock fist* And I'd *especially* fight with the swordsman if his target was the 12 year old. Get her!
Salt updated today. The mystery of the ballet slippers in the weapons room is (partially) solved…plus there's VOMIT. (Well, vomiting more than vomit itself.)
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