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Show off your workspace
subcultured at 4:27PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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for art:
bristol pad, watercolor with brushes, various pencils, scanner, waccom tablet, 2 flatscreen monitors,

alienware area 51 7500: (quad processors 3.0 ghz, 8800 gtx videocard, liquid cooling, 4 gb of ram) seagate hardrive, 5.1 surround sound
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subcultured at 4:37PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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here it was a couple months ago
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ozoneocean at 4:46PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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That speaker layout looks ugly…

But Congrats on getting the machine man!!!!!!!! WOOT That looks cool!!!! Uber power too! Man, what a cool beast. Quiet liquid cooling too! Masterful, I MUST have it. Ya, you got it! The beast looks groovy.

Ah… I've been holding off too long on getting a new machine myself… I think I'll just struggle along for the rest of the year with it though. -_- How much did your baby and all the bits end up costing you? 3k? 4k? More? Less? Lovely power there. I'm glad you got it.
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Cthulhu at 4:48PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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Poor Carly…



I am jealous…
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subcultured at 4:50PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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heh :)
couple of paychecks, close to buying a new car
it's always a dream of mine to get a really powerful computer
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subcultured at 7:29PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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for someone like me who hates assembling computers, alienware has a pretty good deal. i got mine after 3 weeks. i was surprised on how big and heavy the whole computer was. it took 2 guys to carry it to the front door and my brother and i to take it upstairs. i keep thinking when i move, it would be a hassle to carry around.

it's stable, haven't really had a problem with it yet, very silent running. i multi task like crazy now with no or low slow down. i played bioshock on max and you can barely feel any frame slowdown.

when i get the money i plan to SLI another 8800 GTX. and that would complete my dream machine.
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herio at 9:30PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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a hole in the hallway realy nice but you have a much better setup old photo back when i still had das and no wacom tablet

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bryan at 10:13PM, Aug. 26, 2007
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This is mine >.>

I love to watch movies while working :D
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bongotezz at 8:02AM, Aug. 27, 2007
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#1 is my big ass printer that i hardly ever use. it prints on sizes up to 13“x19”.
#2 my darth vader stand up that i won in a pizza hut contest.
#3 my chair.
#4 above the circle is some video games. below the circle is the notepad i use to keep a list of stuff i need to do. it keeps me motivated.

#1 my scanner.
#2 my work phone. when it actually works it works over the internet so i dont get charged for calls to africa
#3 my computer. this is where all my work gets done. i dont actually draw anything on paper.
#4 my filing cabinet. bunch o junk in there
#5 … :(
#6 big pile of cables for all my computer junk to plug in with.

#1 secondary monitor for the secondary computer
#2 can of pepsi. most likly empty….. yup. it is.
#3 my printer.
between 3 and 4 is a teeny tiny pic of me and my best buddy shawna
#4 photocopier. sure it a printer and scanner too but i only use it to photocopy stuff.
#5 6 boxes of comics used as a table. while that looks like a lot of comics i actually have like 17 more boxes.
#6 secondary computer for the secondary monitor
#7 extra cables hooked up to my switch box for when relatives or friends bring over computers that they jacked up.
#8 my trash can.
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mapaghimagsik at 9:05AM, Aug. 27, 2007
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joeychips at 12:18PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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My workspace is in my pocket. I do most of my drawing and writing on the go with a small sketchpad and markers.
Joe Chiappetta
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Red Slayer at 12:34PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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But seriously:

I cleaned!

As you can see i'm working on a page.

You might find odd the fact i keep tissue there.
They are for my tears…I cry when i draw…

To hell with photoshop! This is where it's at!

Lol! Shoes! If there's anyone out there interested in a broken printer call me.

As you can see i live with style. Can you spot the generational gap?


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subcultured at 2:59PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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i've never drawn on a drafting table. evar…

i do all my art in front of my monitors
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spacehamster at 3:10PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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Crappy cellphone pictures FTW.

First: this be where I draw. The table is actually one of these Ikea kitchen tables that fold out with a bunch of phonebooks stacked under it to keep it tilted. Sounds rickety and makeshift but actually works very well because it's heavy and therefore doesn't wiggle.

Two meters to the left is the desk, which is mostly buried in paper. Since this embarrasses me greatly, here's a picture of the corner where the computer stuff is, you don't need to see the piles of “I'm not sure what this is but I think it's important” to the left.

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usedbooks at 4:22PM, Aug. 27, 2007
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