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The Super Poll
Gnomestriker at 5:15AM, June 25, 2007
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The First Poll : Would you rather get eaten by Ants Or Lions?
Seen any gnomes?
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Cthulhu at 5:21AM, June 25, 2007
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Will at 5:41AM, June 25, 2007
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lions, but i think this is gunna get locked, top drawer is the place for these things…
putting your own quote into your sig is the post pretentious and pathetic thing anyone could ever do.
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ozoneocean at 5:49AM, June 25, 2007
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Good Call Will! :)

Yeah Gnomey… Have a look around the forums and see what's interesting, what you'd like to join in with and what sorts of posts go where. ;)

I'd say that the Game Forum would probably be a better place for you to start in. ^_^
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