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Your Studio and You!
deleted-byrequest-03 at 9:55AM, July 18, 2007
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I don't know why, but I really can't sit at a desk to draw. I guess it's because my ass hurts too quickly, and I feel spaced in. I like to flop down on my bed and draw. I dunno. It works for me :) (And also, my desk is too messy. I can't do a damn thing!)

Also, when my bed's too messy, I sit at my computer chair and draw using a clipboard as a surface.

I never draw outside. It's too bright…

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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EmilyTheStrange at 11:08AM, July 18, 2007
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Meh studio/ bedroom:

Sorry some of the pictures are so dark, they didn't come out if I had the desk light on. ^^' And my manga collection is currently missing a few volumes. ;__; My friends call me “The Manga Library.” D:

Jesus Dodger, how do you walk around your room?! There's like… desks and walls and solid objects all over! D:

You know many people have asked me this. XD
Years of ballet have taught me to be light on my feet and move swifty between the gaps in my lovely clutter without knocking it over. :3 Tis why they call me “T3h Dodger” ; P
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Puff at 11:21AM, July 18, 2007
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Lol, wow… that response was epic wins. <3
Insufficient funds, banner reposessed! >:0
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shaneronzio at 11:48AM, July 18, 2007
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My work space is in my head.

Updates Monday, Wenzday & FRIDAY
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Rori at 2:50PM, July 23, 2007
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My studio area (note the trashed table):

Where I usually draw:

What I'm usually looking at when I draw:
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Neilak20 at 4:01PM, July 23, 2007
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I work on our couch with a couple clip boards. I too have a drafting table, but no where to put it so its being used as a storage table in one of our back rooms. I really wanna use it, but we have nowhere to put it.
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deleted-byrequest-03 at 4:05PM, July 23, 2007
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Where I usually draw:

Woah, are those guitars behind that couch? (or bass guitars?) Cause you have a lot of 'em :)

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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Rori at 4:28PM, July 23, 2007
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:D Those are my boyfriend's. I have an Ibanez artcore and a cheap acoustic, but they're on the other side of the room.
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bongotezz at 4:51PM, July 23, 2007
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#1 is my big ass printer that i hardly ever use. it prints on sizes up to 13“x19”.
#2 my darth vader stand up that i won in a pizza hut contest.
#3 my chair.
#4 above the circle is some video games. below the circle is the notepad i use to keep a list of stuff i need to do. it keeps me motivated.

#1 my scanner.
#2 my work phone. when it actually works it works over the internet so i dont get charged for calls to africa
#3 my computer. this is where all my work gets done. i dont actually draw anything on paper.
#4 my filing cabinet. bunch o junk in there
#5 … :(
#6 big pile of cables for all my computer junk to plug in with.

#1 secondary monitor for the secondary computer
#2 can of pepsi. most likly empty….. yup. it is.
#3 my printer.
between 3 and 4 is a teeny tiny pic of me and my best buddy shawna
#4 photocopier. sure it a printer and scanner too but i only use it to photocopy stuff.
#5 6 boxes of comics used as a table. while that looks like a lot of comics i actually have like 17 more boxes.
#6 secondary computer for the secondary monitor
#7 extra cables hooked up to my switch box for when relatives or friends bring over computers that they jacked up.
#8 my trash can.
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Fysh at 1:40PM, July 25, 2007
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Since I don't draw, I guess it doesn't count. But when I write, I go out into the woods behind me. I have a little briefcase with my notebook, and my colored pencils ( different characters talk in different colors. Just so I don't get confused).
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Sysli at 3:56PM, July 25, 2007
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My, emh, “studio”… Is whereever I end up. Mostly right here by the computer, in somebody's couch (that would technically be my bed if we're talking about the one where I live) or crazy random stuff going on at the nearest table. I never was much for overly organized things. ;)
Because I may as well show a bit of pride. ^___^

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Emma_Clare at 6:18PM, July 25, 2007
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I have a room which is still attached to the house but can only be accessed from outside of the house. Plus it has a deadlock… very handy :D I do all of my drawing work out there as all my stuff is in there T-T I used to draw in my room… and paint… on my bed :P boy that rubbed my mum the wrong way :D But yeah.
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phinmagic at 9:07PM, July 30, 2007
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My studio is pretty much out of my breif case. I draw while I am at work, I drawin front of the TV while watching my kids. I draw in front of my computer( which is in the gameroom and where I do my coloring and lettering.

I just find I get more work done not being a “Moody” artist and strpping myself to a drawing table. To that end I have started working smaller, at 8x12, to make it all more portable. I find that it also allows my work to have a “denser” look to it which I like!
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DragonessAthena at 10:40PM, July 30, 2007
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I do all my drawing in front of the PC. I get so distracted most of the time, so my comics and pictures take longer for me to do than they should. This wouldn't be a problem if the desk in my room wasn't covered in plushies and books.

I should really clean up my room..
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carly_mizzou at 10:15AM, July 31, 2007
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I'm so sad, I'm moving this week and I'm packing up my studio to move into a studio apartment. No drawing for about a week. I had to throw away a ton of older art too… wow I used to draw REALLY REALLY bad!
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jmt at 6:10PM, July 31, 2007
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I always try to seperate my work space from my living space. This is how I sleep and survive being a workaholic. However I keep a few art supplies and a drawing board handy for when I want to escape to the living area. Easy to pack up and put back into my studio out of sight and out of mind. I recently bought a house and am still trying to settle into my new studio. But I have documented my old studio space (Terribilis est locus iste) extensivly for my website.

When I get my new place up to snuff I will be featuring it, as well as the rest of the house on the web. However since I think I am naming my bar “Terribilis est locus iste” I am looking for a new name for my studio. Any ideas?

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Red Slayer at 6:51PM, July 31, 2007
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It's a bit…cramped, but i manage.

Jk, i work wherever i feel comfortable and wherever i can bring my and chew gum.

all of penis is done either on my bed or in a chair at the foot of it
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Runosonta at 10:32PM, July 31, 2007
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I share four rooms with my sister, so basically I draw anywhere I want. But usually I prefer the computer desk or the dining room table. Both beds, both sofas, restroom, floor, balcony… cafeterias, bars, nature, parks, friends places, gigs… seen it all. I even got a fancy wooden (self made) adjustable “lap table” for drawing in bed :D

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