I'm so sad
crocty at 3:59PM, Jan. 12, 2008
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 How are you?
 I'm fine
 Thanks for asking
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 crocty... there's nobody there.
 hi missmarie
 I'm here
 There's no such thing as free cable.
 hi marie
 Crocty: not LEGAL free cable
 I see you all aren't catching on to my references
 it is if someone else is paying the bill
 This makes me sad
 therefore, I shall go blog it.

#Cutting myself feels so good
I see the blood
I've turned emo
like tickle me elmo#
That was my depressing emo poem
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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MangoFlush at 4:03PM, Jan. 12, 2008
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This is SPARTA!
(Crocty note - I edited your post to make more sense)
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