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Bad Habits Of DDers?
ladyleamarie at 12:29PM, Aug. 17, 2007
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When I'm thinking about something really hard or am concentrating, I need to chew on something or it drives me nuts. I've killed a couple of pairs of headphones and many, many pens this way.

And at work I pretty much put everything in one pile then get upset that I can't find something, or scatter stuff around my desk then get pissed and stressed out that my desk is a mess. I also do that in my home office, but yeah.

Oh! And I over use ellipses! You know, the … thing.
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Salsicoruc at 1:32AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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I smoke, chew my nails, and compulsively clean/ straighten up things when people around me are vocally angry.
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AQua_ng at 2:48AM, Aug. 19, 2007
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