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fern at 8:49PM, July 10, 2007
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For some reason I tend to change my hair after a break up or another significant change has occured in my life. For example after a guy dumped me two years ago I chopped off all of my beautiful long arse hair. You know kinda like a symbolic ritual of letting go, and I replaced it with short, in my face, emo hair lol. Now It's settled out as less emo since I'm not so bummed out anymore and I'm trying to grow it back long again, it's pretty hard.

I did the same thing too! That same very day… I went home and started cutting my hair… 11 inches… gone.

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joe_vee at 8:56PM, July 10, 2007
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lol How Funny. I didn't think guys did that too. But it makes sense though. Like usually one of the first things I look at when i meet people is their hair. Your hair is a lot like your face, or your clothes, etc. It is a pretty good expression of who you are. So cutting it off is like expressing an inner change. Oh god…I'll stop here before I get to philosophical XD.
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jissai at 8:57PM, July 10, 2007
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i plan on going bald once i start college in the fall.
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ReincarnatedParano at 9:25AM, July 15, 2007
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I keep mine short, above my shoulders. It's dark brown and naturally curly, but I straighten it all the time. xD; It's starting to stay like that, which is a bonus.

Most of the time, I really can't decide what to do with it. ^^; Right now I have it short at the back - but not ridiculously short - and two bangs either side of my head. But it's grown back so it's not so obvious anymore.

As for dyeing, I've never permanently dyed my hair. xD; Just a few wash-out reads here and there, which never really work. >>; I hope to get a red streak in it at some point, but my school isn't too kindly about mad hair. (Which makes no sense, considering there's a girl in my year with pink hair. Why the hell is it just me…??)
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Squishy_Frog at 4:44PM, July 16, 2007
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I have a sort of bob for summer time. My hair is way too thick for long in summertime. Longer in the front than the back, because my hair just always seems to find a way to be in my face if it can, and if I can't put it behind my ears, I go insane and start attacking it. It's an imbetween color of Dark Blond and light Brown. Ash blond I think it's called. I've never died it, because everyone tells me it's a beautiful color and I'm vain enough to believe it.
Also, with UK people having a thing against Gingerheads, I heard that it's bad luck for a fisherman to see a redhead before he goes to sail. Maybe that's where all the issues come from?
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herio at 7:22PM, July 16, 2007
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i what my hair to grow out into its wonder full copper red little curls but it goes into an affro of red curls then it covered my eyes and i sentative eyes so its short looks cool when its bead hair

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