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Thanks for the card Drunk Duck
dragonlova at 10:42AM, Dec. 15, 2006
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lefarce, believe me, there's nothing I'd like more than to exclude you from this sort of stuff ;) I'll try and remember in the future, but no guarentees. Now lets just keep this on topic and respectfully remember that it's a thank you thread to DrunkDuck, the staff, and of course Cindermain.

Hey everyone else, you're welcome! It was nice to be able to send out something specially crafted this year to all you guys who make the site great! Cindermain did an awesome job I think! I hope he does more stuff with us in the future!!! I always like stuff that has characters from lots of different comics in one!

I think that it's nice to see so many who ARE appreciative of the time and work we spent into wishing all of you a HAPPY holiday season. ;)

I thought the card was neat. Really very well done.

Of course, when I was asked what I thought should be on the card, I suggested to use the most popular characters on Drunk Duck - figuring that the most recognizable characters interacting with the Duck would be the best way to convey DD's community without making the artist spend the next year trying to include a character from EVERY comic - since that might make the card late. So blame me for that if you wish.

As for the issue of which comics were put on there - come on now people! It's not a personal jab at anyone who didn't make it on there. It was not a competition either. And it's not to say your comic is not “good enough”, or anything of the sort. There will be other contests, cards (perhaps?), promotions, features, etc, in the future! Everyone gets their time to shine! The decision to include some of the most popular characters was not made with the intention of excluding out others who don't get a chance to be seen as much - it was basically the ones who are most familiar and widely read so that people would recognize them in the card. Of course the appropriate credit had to be given to them.

As for the spam issue - Christmas happens once a year - there are so many DD members now - to sit there and personally send each person a Holiday greeting card would be a bit ridiculous… I understand about the “impersonal” feel of “spam”, but understand - we really DO wish EVERYONE a really happy and safe holiday. :)

Here's to the future!

p.s. I'm not debating……. just throwing in my 2 cents…… it's ok if you don't agree with me or do….

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mapaghimagsik at 10:45AM, Dec. 15, 2006
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Thanks for the card, it was a pleasant surprise!

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Glass_Ink at 1:22PM, Dec. 15, 2006
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I don't need anyone to get me wrong, or read my words for something they are not. My feeling were not hurt by this holiday card, hell… I was surprised that I even got one. I would figure that a card like that would only reach a certain amount of people… Maybe people that wouldn't get their feeling hurt. See there are two ways to look at this card… One is to say that, “Oh well they only put the popular character's one the card.”
The other would be, “Wow… Thats a really nice gesture.”
And thats how I view it… I thought it was very cool, very nice, and I'm thankful that the people took the time out of their day to do. Thanks!!!
I would also like to note that I'm not at a complete loss of brain power by think that you guy's could have some how managed to put every comic character know to DD in there… Thats just stupid. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter… That is all. I never doubted anyone's ability to think.
It was a meaningless suggestion… That is all, and could have gone unwritten, spoken, or otherwise… Like my Father always says, “Opinions are like @#%holes, Everyone got one, and their all full of %^*#.”
I enjoied the card, and everyone who took the time out of their day… Thanks!!
But what I don't see is why the missleading, almost threat to delete account info… I would assume that would hurt more feeling then the card would ever have the chance to… That is, if people are not useing those accounts your deleting.
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SpANG at 1:33PM, Dec. 15, 2006
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This is bending towards debate waters again… no hard feelings to anybody (including myself) if i start going delete crazy again.

.. But what I don't see is why the missleading, almost threat to delete account info…

Ah, you weren't here before. Volte was merely telling us that he will delete posts in this thread that don't pertain to this thread. He didn't mean he was going to delete accounts. Relax.

And the only reason he deleted posts in the first place was this is a “thanks for the card, DD” thread, and some people (cough *lefarce* cough) were crapping all over it.

If people are offended by the card, then they can make a new thread discussing that. Just be ready for a debate of sorts. ;)
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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ozoneocean at 1:35PM, Dec. 15, 2006
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Volte6 was talking about posts, not accounts. Specifically, posts in this thread. He's not crazy. :)
I'm sure he doesn't think you're a fiend Glass, he was just a little disappointed that a couple of people didn't seem to appreciate a gesture that he put time and effort into, and so felt quite touchy on the subject.
Not that YOU didn't appreciate it, you clearly do.

-edit- Ah, SpANG got in before me! Damn, he's a quick one… :gem:

I think we've done enough thanking and explaining for now. Time to close the discussion :)
-unless of course another Mod or Admin decides otherwise. ^_^
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Glass_Ink at 5:31PM, Dec. 15, 2006
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Sorry for the misunderstanding
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Eunice P at 6:13PM, Dec. 16, 2006
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Thanks for the cards, guys. And Merry Christmas to all of you. ;)
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hat at 6:14PM, Dec. 16, 2006
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Thanks for spamming my inbox and bulk mailing everyone.

(just kidding, in all seriousness thanks much.)
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Cindermain at 1:49PM, Dec. 17, 2006
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Thanks for the kind words everyone!
Glad you liked my renditions of the characters…it was fun!
I loved making the art for the card, and was quite pleased with the end result.
So yeah, I'd like to do more in the future Volte6!

Meanwhile, on the subject;

Man: Sshh, dear, don't cause a fuss. I'll have your spam. I love it. I'm having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!
Vikings (singing): Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!
Waitress: Shut up!! Baked beans are off.
Man: Well could I have her spam instead of the baked beans then?
Waitress: You mean spam spam spam spam spam spam… (but it is too late and the Vikings drown her words)
Vikings (singing elaborately): Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam. Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Lovely spam! Spam spam spam spam!

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MagickLorelai at 2:43PM, Dec. 17, 2006
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It was cute…I wasn't overly fond of it, but I appreciate that work went into it and that the thought was what counted. I think that if you want to advertise your OWN comic, make your own well wishing card and mass PQ…and then you can deal with people calling YOU spammerific. xD

Seriously, though, thank you for making the card. ^^ Using the most recognizable characters on Drunk Duck was a good idea, but maybe instead next year, or next card, it's DD admin/staff/etc? (Or at least, renditions of their icons?)
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Priceman at 7:05PM, Dec. 18, 2006
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Cool that there's a thread for this. I thought that that was pretty cool. I only question is: how do you get your characters on the next one?
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shaneronzio at 10:11AM, Dec. 19, 2006
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M3rRY nEW yEaR
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