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What made you first join Drunk Duck?
professorzed at 5:58PM, April 5, 2010
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joined: 4-5-2010

Well, I have been doing comics for a long time. However, it was only today that I decided to start posting them to the web. I looked into getting my own site, and hosting my comics on that. I also looked into hosting them on other services, such as SmackJeeves. However, it seems like the quality of artwork here is better than it is on any of the other sites.
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DrLuck at 10:34AM, April 18, 2010
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I have all my work on DeviantArt, and learned of DrunkDuck through another DA user. We both did comics, and she was all, “HEY, JOIN ME ON DRUNKDUCK WITH YOUR COMIC AND WE CAN LIKE, ADVERTISE EACH OTHER IT'LL BE AWESOME!” and I was all “OKAY COOL!” So I joined and added my comic and she stopped updating her comic a few weeks after I joined.

So much for that. D:
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LegalxDrug at 9:09AM, April 25, 2010
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I started reading some comic… not even sure what it was anymore… by the same person who now does phoenix requiem. That got me interested in web comics. After seeing some of the comics at the time, (Purgatory Tower, Star Sign, etc etc) I decided that this is where I wanted to be. Got a bit side tracked by life a couple times, but it's always nice to come back here. It's like the Cheer's bar. Sure, nobody knows your name right off the bat, but lucky us, we've got name tags!
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It was in my hand the entire time!
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Gaddick at 8:23PM, April 30, 2010
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At first it was just to read and be updated on Cru the Dwarf (I see alot of myself in that short burly drunk), eventually thought after many a failed attempt at hosting my own sprite comics suddenly it occurred to me just what this site is about… insert face palm here…

Now my friends, and the millions of people on the interwebs can enjoy my comics! Hooray!
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MegaTuga at 2:00PM, May 18, 2010
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I joined DrunkDUck mainly because I've been following several comics here since last year and I have not yet registrated.

Then I started doing a cmoic and thought on posting it here. Like that I can enlarge the number of people reading it… ^^
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LinaZero at 9:25PM, May 20, 2010
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The reason why me and my friend Zero joined DrunkDuck has to do with the idea we both had about making a Webcomic together after we found out we both enjoyed reading Thats My Sonic and a few other Comics out on the internet. I had came up with the idea for us to create a Comic to post on Drunk Duck I hope that everyone enjoys reading our comic Teh Madness
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OnlyFoolsAndVikings at 2:39AM, May 26, 2010
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:D I joined after I followed the link to here from one of my favourite comic artists. I joined mainly because I've been toying with the idea of posting my own comics on the web for some time, and I finally got up the nerve to do it.
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maycroft at 10:32PM, May 29, 2010
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This has been one of my favorite sites since I know about web comics, some of my favorites are here ( Vice and Virtue, MAG ISA)
I wanted to come with something awesome and ground breaking for my first web comic, something with meaning and prupose… but I figured it was too much for a start. That's how chickenman came to be: a simple funny story made to criticize comics, TV tropes and all those fiction stories we see daily.
I'm very exited about this (almost pass out when I got my first comments) since that's what I want to do for living.
So I hope you like it and don't be afraid of criticize it (in fact, please do it, it's very important to me). I'll be checking the comments.
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terryp35 at 1:22PM, June 13, 2010
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joined: 6-11-2010
MY new FAvorite COmic the girl next door got me hooked
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Tigs at 9:11PM, June 23, 2010
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Boobs Ahoy and later the assortment of other wonderful comics made me decide that I wanted to join. And the interface seems simple enough so when I finally get my comic off the ground I'll have somewhere to go!!
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Genejoke at 12:33PM, June 24, 2010
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I was looking for a hosting sitem DD was well reviewed and had no problem with mature content. simples.

Oh and some others are a real pig to use.
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F Y R E 13 R A N D at 9:38AM, June 26, 2010
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I used to host my comic at Webcomics Nation, but there weren't really any dedicated forums and I didn't get much of a sense of community discussion. Drunk Duck seems to have a lot more users, which means more comics to check out (and potentially more readers) and the forums are much more active.
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Archem at 8:39PM, July 4, 2010
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An acquaintance from a forum I frequent started a comic. At some point, he began hosting it here. I've been a fan since the beginning of his comic's run, so I decided to make an account. Since then, he's gotten a bit tired with making the comic, so I offered to fill in for him. Now, I'm assisting with the strip.

Long story short: Came to support a comic, stayed to help out with the comic.

Now then, I suppose I'll start an introduction thread. As long as I've been here, I should have started visiting the forums sooner.
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Mondenkind at 11:36AM, July 14, 2010
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Well, besides being able to post a comic for free…something I never thought I'd be able to do…and being able to get comments and a fandom for that comic…something I also never thought I could do…at the same time as reading amazing comics from others…..

I joined just because it had everything I could want in a website, I mean…this place has a LOT of stuff on it!

That, and the duck logos are adorable. ^^
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JazylH at 6:41AM, July 31, 2010
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I basically joined to upload my ‘Beast Legion’ manga but now I've already read over 4 webcomics & loving every bit of it! :D

Updated Mondays & Fridays
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thenineyearold at 11:43AM, Aug. 1, 2010
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I joined because someone named Casper(the person who made my SmackJeeves comic layout) had a comic on DrunkDuck. Then I figured I liked DrunkDuck.
As long as it isn't 4K!Ds, I really don't care.
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soldier at 4:58PM, Aug. 6, 2010
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I loved comics since I was a kid and I love to draw and write. I signed here because I liked what I saw in the comics section and I wanted to post my new comic somewhere that had positive word of mouth.

The law is coming….
Shield of Justice
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Bruce Small at 9:59AM, Aug. 9, 2010
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Now that I've taken that dive into web comics I wanted to be more involved in the community and meet more like minded people. One of my friends told me that this is one of the places to go.
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Samunyan at 4:32AM, Aug. 25, 2010
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I actually joined for two reasons. The first was simply to tell someone that their comic inspired me to start a new project. The other is I love to write and draw. Those two things are my passions. :)
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Shadow Dinosaur at 2:55PM, Aug. 29, 2010
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I enjoyed making Sprite Comics and since they
weren't getting any appreciation on another
site I was on. I decided to join here almost
to years ago. :)
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nsterken7983 at 10:19AM, Sept. 7, 2010
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im newer here, or am again. this is a return since i was new a year ago and havent been on in awhile and just recently started working on my comic again. too many other things going on. but i posted here via info from my local comic shop (shout out for Planet Chaos!, WI!) and just also very much have enjoyed the community, the people and all the great storie and artwork. just a fun place to be.
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Adrian at 11:24AM, Sept. 8, 2010
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Hello there!

Well.. I joined DD because of Amelius and her CTV comic. I just loved her work from the start… some times three years ago. Even though I’ve been on this site for that long i've never posted on the forum, I’ve mostly only enjoyed the comics. Actually this site motivated me to start drawing for myself. Seeing so many young artists (new artists) and how they progress over the years has given my inspiration to try this out for myself. I don't know if I will ever post a comic on DD though :D
I would love to…. ^_^

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Sax Z at 8:19PM, Sept. 21, 2010
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I joined because I'd started making comics around the time that Bob and George was ending/dying out. They suggested DrunkDuck on their site, and I had already visited a few times to read The Lost Chapters of Megaman. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty sweet deal for putting up comics and finding new ones to read.
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CJDaub at 4:31AM, Sept. 28, 2010
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Hi, I joined because I heard the Duck was easy to use and had a great community that supported one another and gave good feedback to each other.

CJ Daub
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sostan at 2:48PM, Oct. 19, 2010
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Hi, I joined because I heard the Duck was easy to use and had a great community that supported one another and gave good feedback to each other.

That's what I believe as well. DD is great for Newbies to the webcomics world like me. It's a fun place to learn and test things out.
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rem1214 at 10:57PM, Oct. 26, 2010
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Originally, I was looking for a way to post my manga on the web because I couldn't figure out how to do it on my own website, then I stumbled across this site and realized this would be one of the best way to get viewers! So, I signed up! :D
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Braddiller at 1:44PM, Nov. 8, 2010
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I heard about DD in a podcast and liked what I saw when I checked it out. I've been doing cartoons for years, but only started posting them on my website in February.

I enjoy looking at the creative endeavors of other creators, seeing what their triumphs and frustrations are. It appears to be an inclusive environment of like-minded individuals
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megadeth1818 at 3:26PM, Nov. 9, 2010
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to share my epic series with the world!!!
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Zad at 8:11PM, Nov. 13, 2010
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I think it has something to do with WIRES. I'm not sure how I got here, exactly, but that was definitely a factor.
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mat_draws_evan at 8:15PM, Nov. 15, 2010
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I met Roy Duncan creator of the Villain Next Door comic at the Mid Ohio Comic Con. He told me about his comic and about DD. After checking it out I had to post my comic here too so I can hang with all you cool cats.
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