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Why Did You Choose Drunk Duck to Host Your Comic?
Avart at 12:45AM, June 20, 2017
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I really like that here you feel in a real community, with forums and friendly people.
marshallk at 1:53PM, Sept. 3, 2017
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I found it when searching places to host a web comic at. I lurked for a while and checked out the comics and the strips and felt it was a good place to bring my comic to. I enjoy a lot of the comics here and enjoy the passion have for their product.
Emevsa at 6:05AM, Sept. 7, 2017
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I've been apart of this community for many years now (under a different author though) and always enjoyed the comics and people here! I was on hiatus for a few years and I guess so were some of my favorite comics from years back but I always had a soft spot for this site. :)
MattBoo at 2:09PM, Sept. 23, 2017
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Before setting up my Drunk Duck account, my comic “Something is Drawn Here” was published exclusively on my Twitter. At the time, I had really nowhere else to put it, I didn't have my own website or much of an audience to keep it afloat. Plus it didn't seem like a natural home for the comic.

While I was putting up the first few strips on Twitter I began thinking of a second home for my stupid little comic since I didn't feel Twitter was a perfect place for the strips. Then I remembered about “Boxdog”, an amazing comic on Drunk Duck that I got into around October last year (you should check it out, fucking great comic even if it's hardly updated anymore). This gave me the idea to set up my account and move “Something is Drawn Here” to Drunk Duck (while also updating it on Twitter).

I think this move worked fairly well so far, it feels in it's element with dozens of other really good webcomics in an actual webcomic hosting site with a wider range of people instead of being constricted to a confined space on social media. Twitter just didn't seem to click with me for posting the comic, but Drunk Duck seems like a perfect home for this dumb little comic.
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Jonathan_Greer_ at 7:13PM, Sept. 25, 2017
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Hello everyone!
I've been posting my comic for about 6 months on other sites. I've heard of The Duck before, but I swear, last time I came here, it wasn't this nice.
I decided to try it out today, and so far, I really like the set up.
I'm starting posting my comic a few pages each Monday until I get caught up to the rest of my sites. My normal posting is 1 page every Monday.
Hopefully things will go well here!
NOWDO at 3:01AM, Sept. 30, 2017
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I want to spread awareness of my comic across multiple platforms. Because I'm raising funds for the creation and translation of Modern Life of the Immortals, vol.2 on IndieGoGo:

I'm using Tapstic and LINE Webtoons.But currently, there is something wrong w/ account of LINE Webtoons, I can't login for a month which makes me quite desperate!

My friend recommended DD. And I there are rare comics with Chinese-style watercolor painting which can be an advantage and disadvantage for us xD
Still, I hope all fellows here would love my comics, give comments and Support it on IndieGoGo!
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diegogue at 3:36PM, Nov. 14, 2017
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Hello everyone

I think that I choose Duck webcomics because I found “COCHLEA and EUSTACHIA” here. That's a great Indie comic, so, if Duck Webcomics is fine for Cochlea and Eustachia, is fine for me.
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