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Quackcast 651 - Strong characters of any gender and DD awards stuff

Ozoneocean at Sept. 5, 2023, midnight
tags: Banes, Boxdog, DD awards, Drunk duck, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Oblique, Ozoneocean, Quackcast 651, Strong characters, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

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We're chatting about a couple of things today: the DD 2023 Awards which are in their completion faze now, and "strong" characters of any gender.
The DD awards are finding up now and presentations will be happening so it's a …

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J_Scarbrough’s Vampire Girl Goes Out with a Boomsday, Right Before Labor Day!

kawaiidaigakusei at Sept. 4, 2023, midnight
tags: Complete, J_Scarbrough, Vampire Girl

Photo: “Which Levana Do You Feel Like Today?”. Vampire Girl. Story and art by J_Scarbrough. (January 2021-August 2023)

Vampire Girl by the Duck’s resident, puppeteer-webcomic creator, J_Scarbrough (not to be confused with the Jonathan Richman song with the same title) reached its conclusion on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.

Synopsis (written …

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lothar at Sept. 1, 2023, midnight

Hi everybody
Today I have found a good one for you all.
It's a community project from Drunk Duck creators for wayyyy back in 2007.
I really do appreciate how this site has such a long history. a rarity on the internet nowdays.I think DD is perhaps the oldest still …

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Ozoneocean at Aug. 30, 2023, midnight
tags: FEATURED COMIC, Oblique

A group of people wake from cryosleep to find themselves stranded in a strange place with no memory of how they got there or even their own names! They have to work together fast or they might not survive… This is an effective dramatic sci-fi mystery story with a dash …

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Quackcast 650 - Fake things that only exist in pop-culture

Ozoneocean at Aug. 29, 2023, midnight
tags: Banes, Devils Blood, Drunk duck, Fake things that only exist in pop-culture, Featured comic, Featured music, Gunwallace, Into the Bookwoods, Kawaiidaigakusei, Ozoneocean, Quackcast 650, Tantz Aerine, Webcomics hosting

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There are a lot of things that only exist in fiction and really don't have any basis in reality and yet we THINK they do! It's just that fiction has done such a great job of making us believe this …

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Celebrate a KAMics Milestone with KAM!

kawaiidaigakusei at Aug. 28, 2023, midnight

Photo: “Dive Into the KAMics! With 2125 Comics There Must Be Something Here You’d Like!”. Story and art created by Keith Alan Morgan (KAM). (August 2023)

Here is a message from KAM, creator of the KAMics:


The KAMics reached 2125 pages on Friday, August 25, 2023.

Here's …

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They Make You Believe

Banes at Aug. 24, 2023, midnight
tags: contrast, thursdayswithbanes

A long time ago I read something, I think an interview with a respected screenwriter or something, where he brought up the movie "Rain Man".

If you haven't seen it, it's about a struggling wheeler-dealer type guy, played by Tom Cruise, who goes on a road trip with his previously …

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