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Alrighty, here's a quick little somethin', somethin' about me. I have a love/hate relationship with my comic - I absolutely LOVE to draw and write for it, but I absolutely HATE that I am not making a living at it! It drives me crazy that I have to work the p.o.s. job that I have. I'm married with a son whom I love. My likes are: drawing/painting, the outdoors, traveling, MLB baseball, biking, movies, fishing and just having fun. My dislikes are: snobby people and the theory that money makes you happy. As for my strip, I like to think that it will one day be as strong as the comic gods that I grew up with - Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side. Lofty goals, but, hey, strive to be the best, right? Anyway feel free to PQ me with any questions if you have any. I don't bite…

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'Arctic Blast!' is a comic based on the friendship of a Polar Bear (Brogan), Seal (Hyde), Inuit (Mo) and a lost Flamingo (Tiki).

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It's what happens after the whale.

A comic about everyone's favorite pirate-themed 80s supergroup, Adam & the Ants!

'Arctic Blast!' is a comic based on the friendship of a Polar Bear (Brogan), Seal (Hyde), Inuit (Mo) and a lost Flamingo (Tiki).

This is a webcomic about various things. No strict plotline. "Superheroes" and "villains" can be found here, along with randomness, and oddly funny (maybe) characters. People have called this comic "Awesomater!" Updated EVERY DAY!

This is the autobiographical tale of a boy without pupils as he compiles his realities and fantasies in a few panels per page.

You've already started hovering over it, you would actually be wasting your own time by not clicking this comic. THIS COMIC DOES NOT ENDORSE THE OCCULT, unless you think that's cool, in that case it does.

An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

Do you ever wonder what cows and pigs are doing when they aren't eating all our grass and creating greenhouse gases? Me neither, but with Cowtoon I give it to you anyway.

The Kingdom of Faragon has created unnecessary tensions with the Goddess of Death, and only one man has the ability to quell the situation. Unfortunately, he wants nothing to do with either side of the conflict. Action, romance, bubblecaps and death await

A unique collection of Worlds, Characters & Extraordinary Adventures across Time and Space. Go to for NEW content. No longer posting on this site.

a comic about animals that meet each other.

A vampire tries to make it in the mortal world.

Deadfingers is a story about an indigenous girl and her tribe, struggling to salvage its independence from the imperialistic mainland. Features magic, knife fights, guns, robots and everything else you'll find in the alternate universe.

"Dot Dot Dot..." is a Comic panel that focuses on the hilarity hidden within modern social interaction expressed through three main characters... Mo, Ron, and "Random Girl"! Cheers! by: Graeme Frisque


They said she was the best. But she stumbled upon some information that made her more valuable dead than alive. To make ends meet while in hiding, she began working on "the List," a set of bounties that, when complete could have her set for life...

A group of friends who do all sorts of stuff. Stuff that someone over the age of 25 would never ever do. So its pretty much awesome.

Now Playing: Chapter 24- The Mighty Warlord is a world mixing together puertorican culture, fantasy, character development, action, and romantic comedy. Updated Tuesdays

The Continuing Saga of George the Dragon! This is the tale of a Dragon named George. George is old. So old that he has lived in every age of the world from Medieval to Modern. His tales are rather silly in nature. Join in on his (Mis)adventures!

in which the guardian of souls recruits an alien warlord to blast the hell out of hell.

A rabbit cop discovers his destiny lies beyond law enforcement when he accidentally activates his magic. Now Alex must learn how to control his powers while juggling his his family life, his work and his suddenly revealed health problems. Updates a week behind the main comic.

Following the Japanese tradition of writing a "picture diary" while in elementary school, this is a cartoon version of random events in my every day life in America and Japan. Updates every day except Friday and Saturday!

Two Dwarfs, Wheels and Boat are commissioned to start an institute in post war Terra. They are to promote understanding between the former enemy races. Wheels has a pet project as well. Study the Mythical magicless race called Humans that once walked Terr

no description

Dark and twisted,yet stays crunchy in milk! Delicious humor with a fun toy surprise.

Short stories that aren't apart of the main story as well as some one shots.

Creatures that seem to have come from an artists imagination get up in his face and his fridge. It's in the humor category because "Zen Farce" is not an option!

In a nut-shell, Raw Fish is; The every day cultural shock of an American living in Japan.

A Nomad, a young runaway, a psychic on the verge of madness and other characters band together to reach New Babel, one of the last cities on Earth. On their way stands the Wastelands, huge desert filled with mad prophets, power-hunger mafias, bizarre creatures and the looming threat of a World-scale conspiracy...

TED THE TERRIBLE SUPERHERO chronicles the exploits of Ted and Brian, an unlikely duo. Their lives revolve around Ted’s absolute conviction, in the face of all available evidence, that he is a superhero.

Takes place in a post apocolyptic time period, 10 years after a destructive war that brought the population down to 9 million. Two fugitives escape from the city ward and group up with a tribe of desert nomads, struggling to remain uncaptured.

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan were mortal once. Now each one is learning the limitations - and lack therof - of their newfound positions as gods. CURRENT STORY "Consequences": New gods learn about their powers, and deal with ancient pantheons. Fun!

Random cartoons & series from the mind of Keith Alan Morgan. Updates when real life gives me time enough to finish a comic.

The Muffinman is a fairly incompetent superhero in a town crowded with unusual events. During the story he has to fight everything from ridiculously dumb bankrobbers to pastry-based giant monsters. Enjoy!

In another world ruled by a corrupt theocracy, a group of freedom fighters must disrupt the stranglehold that chokes the nation and avoid an ancient prophesied Armageddon.

The legions of the dark god of ambition are poised to vanquish the last remnants of resistance in Higal and unless the defenders of the free nations find the resolve to turn the odds in their favor they're facing a dark and grim fate.

By exploring people's inner most thoughts Unsung Heroes of Subtlety reveals the surprising truth about people and situations.

Zieromus just wants some sleep. But nooooo, the target of assassination attempts, child support scandals, and assailed by decay of the world (of Warcraft), the Warlock is constantly in peril. No rest for the charmingly antiheroic, I suppose.

William Holmes, is your average guy with a dream; in thi case his dream is shared by many manga artist out there, To go to Japan, and be a Mangak, but the path is difficult.... A comedy strip, that is just pain weird

YO! Comix is your average story about two average guys and their average know, like kidnapping an Everquest obsessed friend and taking him to Mexico, chasing gremlins, going to hell, and aliens. You'll Enjoy it for sure! READ IT NOW! NOW!

2 Aliens. Disguised as dogs. Here to study human life. Hilarity ensues. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Check back for monthly fill-in-the-bubble CONTESTS, too.


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argonsassistant at 3:08PM, Aug. 27, 2008

thanks for the add

Renga Studio at 6:58PM, Aug. 25, 2008

Hi, Brogan! Thanks for adding me! :) And welcome back to DrunkDuck!

zaneeba_slave at 3:48PM, Aug. 25, 2008

Thanks for the add, brother!

flapjack1995 at 9:56AM, Aug. 25, 2008


LanceDanger at 10:57PM, Nov. 26, 2007

Hey, hadn't realized you came back! Wb! =D

Luminous at 6:50PM, Nov. 25, 2007

Yay! Welcome back! :D I missed Arctic Blast.

Demynx at 8:08PM, Nov. 22, 2007

Welcome back Brogan!

Drazi500 at 1:39PM, June 18, 2007

Why did you delete Arctic blast? It was good. ;.;

Ersatz at 5:58AM, June 13, 2007

Woah! Where Arctic Blast gone??? :(

dracco at 11:27AM, June 10, 2007

Brogan, what happened?!? I can't find your comics anymore?!? Are you alright? Your new avatar made me worry...

Peipei at 1:16PM, June 9, 2007

Awwwww what happened? ; ; everything okay?

that kid yellow at 9:41AM, May 27, 2007

man to post everyday must be hard keep up the good work this is one of my fav comics.When i say fav i dont mean the add to fav list.I mena one of my FAV's!!!!!.keep up the great work

end_game at 12:51PM, May 19, 2007


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