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Seokthih at 7:56AM, June 8, 2017
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joined: 6-8-2017
Rabbitmaster, Camerons World looks insane in a good way! Really, I have something to read now!
Avart at 12:51AM, June 20, 2017
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joined: 2-19-2017
Seokthih, your comic The Sanity looks amazing and is very immersive. Hope to read new pages soon :D
BearinOz at 6:20PM, Aug. 18, 2017
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joined: 10-23-2010
I went to the “Comment on the art belonging….” and “Redux: Did you just update” ….I've been wanting to put a notifier up for ages, but was brought up on “If you can't say anything nice….” SO ! Thank God for this third option B-)

I'm not personally into Manga (although I loved the T.V. animated stuff, when my kids were young), but it is a ‘pretty’ art style. I also prefer colour, but this one above is a cut above the usual BnW, with it's dot shading. SO yeah, nice job !

**** ****

I've been back updating 2 of mine her on the old mallard, coincidentslly ( given that the reviewed comic has a vampiric theme ), the first of mine
is an “alt-vampire” thing :- is updating Mon/THurs at the moment …. and the other has been doing so for a while, now 4 days a week Mon/Tues/Th/Fr

N.B. - they are L-N-S-V and L-N-S respectively, so NOT for the kiddies !!! B-)

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