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subcultured at 9:26AM, Nov. 7, 2006
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it's one of those things that shouldn't have happened, but it did…

heh. let's leave it at that
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Tantz_Aerine at 5:20PM, Nov. 7, 2006
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Tantz Aerine
i had lacerated my eye a few years back. I videotaped it as it was healing. i spent the night in the ER and had to get stitches. the funny thing was that before the stitches I could see through my eyelids whenever I closed my eye.

I have to warn you it's kinda graphic

That was totally wicked!

i thought so too!

after the initial scare that my eyeball was popped because I lost all sight on that right eye from the blood flow.

but I got a cool looking scar to show to girls !_^

It does make me wonder how you got it lacerated in the first place, though. If of course, I am not prying.

…and I just saw I was. Consider the question withdrawn- I just read your post to sub. :)
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Mark at 5:08AM, Nov. 8, 2006
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Cant remember anything really disgusting right now but anyways I gots an interesting story.

So I'm at this friend's place for a party, and it ends kinda latish. Alright fine it was 12am, but I'm a student and can't afford a cab and couldn't be effed to take the bus (the busses would have probably stopped by then anyways).

So I take the most sensible option.

“Dude mind if I crash for the night?”
“Yeah sure whatever”

So he goes to his cupboard to get a pillow and sheet for me to use. First thing he says when he passes the pillow to me is
“Sorry bout the pillow”

It wasn't a big deal. It was just one of those old pillows with yellowish stains making it look like it had a double function as a midnight toilet. Of course, pillows do tend to go a bit yellowish and accumulate stains as they age and all and I'm not much of a neat freak so whatever, everythings hunky dory.

“If it's any consolation you can just do this”

He flips the pillow over expecting a much cleaner side. Instead the stains are 5 times worse and a way darker yellow. In the middle lies this big brown stain that looked someone had taken a big crap there. Maybe someone did use it as a midnight bathroom.

Now I'm not much of a neat freak but everyone has his/her limits. This wasn't mine. I ended up sleeping on it anyways. However I did take the precaution of putting my head on the side which didn't have the “crap mark” and trying not my best to rest my hands under the pillow.
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