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Why Did You Choose Drunk Duck to Host Your Comic?
subcultured at 3:44PM, Jan. 1, 2007
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hopefully it wasn't the vandalized version of that wiki article
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marine at 4:19AM, Jan. 2, 2007
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hopefully it wasn't the vandalized version of that wiki article

I'll stop doing it when it stops being funny. :innocentsmile:
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CORY at 3:45PM, Jan. 2, 2007
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Back when I was playing SWG, I decided to a comic based off the game. It got a few fans and I wanted to get more publicity.

It just so happened our own Inkmonkey was also playing SWG at that time, and was quite active on the forums. He recommended Drunkduck, and me, being skeptical, took my sweet time to move on over.

Anyway, eventually, I did make the move, and after I mastered the interface (which a lot of my friends couldn't) I grew quite happy here.

So I guess all credit goes to Inkmonkey.
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Eirikr at 8:55AM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I joined because it was the easiest to join. I stayed because of the community.
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MuriraRK at 5:52PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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I was here before Drunk Duck went down and I thought it was pretty nifty at the time. But then it went down and I was sad. So I found Smack Jeeves, since someone mentioned it on Gaia Online. It's pretty nifty there and the front page doesn't overwhelm me like it does here…and yeah! Other stuffs too! So I'm here to use Drunk Duck as a mirror. If you look at my comic, I stole my layout right off my SJ one. ^_^" I really gotta take care of that. Eheh.
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Mystic Hand at 10:34PM, Jan. 3, 2007
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You're all right about DD being the easiest one for getting a comic up and running right away. Navigation is the easiest too. Setting up an account at WCN seemed to go on forever, but I like the cleaner look of the site. My only complaint is that each page at WCN takes several seconds to load (while it's almost instantaneous on DD).

Terminal's and Locoma's answers to posts in the “Help! How Do I…?” category cleared up almost every question I had. Thanks!
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MiniMyth at 2:08AM, Jan. 4, 2007
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*cough* Actually, I haven't. >_> My comic is hosted on an independant site. We've got hosting space over on Dreamhost.

I did have a comic called Mixed Myth on Comic Genesis, which has since finished. I originally put it up there because, back then, it was really the only free comic hosting service around. This was in 2001. Times have changed since then, certainly.

Though we host independently, I still hang around CG. I've got friends there. On the forum end of things, I would say Kisai does more than her fair share of work on the place. But those who actually own CG don't do much as far as actually moving forward. Certainly not like Drunk Duck does. Keenspot is gets most of the attention as far as advancements and support, and even then it's not as much as it could be. Some of the plans offered to Spotted comics are utter maddness. But again, I hang around for the community- the forumites and friends.

You're all probably wondering why I'm here if I don't have anything hosted on Drunk Duck and in fact have a strong history with Comic Genesis. Well, I believe in branching out. I'd actually joined back during that wonderful War we had (although classes and moving drug my attention elsewhere). Sometimes we get so insular that it pays to break out a bit and meet new people…as far as that can be said for online forums. So here I am, testing the social waters.
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w_p_s at 5:55AM, Jan. 4, 2007
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because deviantART kicked me out

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Roguehill at 7:43AM, Jan. 4, 2007
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I actually started hosting my comic over on webcomicsnation, but there seemed to be very little activity there, so I planned to mirror over here on DD. I've got to say that the community (and simplicity) is pretty darned awesome!


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Black_Kitty at 1:55PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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I'd actually joined back during that wonderful War we had (although classes and moving drug my attention elsewhere). Sometimes we get so insular that it pays to break out a bit and meet new people…as far as that can be said for online forums. So here I am, testing the social waters.

Ah I do the same on Comic Genesis. At least I try to. ^^;; I rejoined the CG forums during the war and come back every so often to post sketches and just lurk about. I'm not very social though and I generally perfer to lurk so I haven't done that great of a job.

I don't know if I mentioned this but I found out about DD from Megatokyo forums. Comic Genesis or Keenspace as it was known at the time, was having problems so I was waiting to get a comic account. Geocities had disabled hotlinking and Photobucket wasn't around yet. So someone posted a thread about some comic hosting site that allows you to hotlink. Maybe we can upload our images there and then hotlink it for our forum threads? Then Volte6 came on it and urged us to give it a shot. So I did, liked the place, did my comics, stuck around, etc etc. :) The forums was really what hooked me to the place. I was never very good at very populated areas so I felt kind of lost in Keenspace's forums. DD was small then though so I had a nicer time at the forums.

I actually did get my Keenspace/Comic Genesis account in the end but by then I was already doing my thing on DD so I didn't bother much with it.
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Dumok at 2:10PM, Jan. 4, 2007
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Well I heard About Drunk Duck on the Gigcast and I finally decided to check it out. I then decided to Mirror My webcomic here so I could get more exposure, I like the community and the Bells and whistles here. Plus folks tend to respond more here than at the other site. But CG was my first host so I guess I like having both sites up. Yes Yes Yes I know call me a Shameless whore and get it over with.
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ssbguy at 2:29PM, Jan. 5, 2007
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I saw a good sprite comic on the duck while surfing the net. I decided, “I'll make a comic, too!” after getting a short tutoring from Genki, an independent spriter, I made my first comic series: “Kirby's Krazy Komic.” it was terrible, enough said. after improving a bit, I made “Video Game Characters Unite!” or VGCU for short. it wasn't as bad, but I still needed some work and it was still sloppy. after making more neat comics, I made the first Sprite Smash Brothers, which wasn't to the point. it was too random. after the Great Duck Crash, I made the now-cancelled, but more to-the-point version of Sprite Smash. now my current updating comic is Crazy Author Antics.

I hope I didn't go overboard by chronicling my time on the Duck.
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ronin356 at 11:50AM, Jan. 8, 2007
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One word: Free.
Devaint Art:
Andys Nirvana store:
Check out my comic: Magenta the Witchgirl.
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Krensada at 12:58AM, Jan. 9, 2007
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I came here for the simplicity of the comic upload system and great page layouts. And i stay here cause of all the friendly people! and keenspace was too confusing for me to figure out!
Click on this banner…you know you want to!:

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gothicpoet at 2:57AM, Jan. 9, 2007
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i chose DD because….lets see..

1. i didn't know HMTL at the time of my comic creations. (and i still don't know it)

2. it is very easy to upload on and takes jpegs (which is what my comic is in most of the time)

3. comicgenesis and keenspace, while i was accepted at one of them, i just didn't feel like moving my comic ALL over there (with now 30 actuall issues, profiles, and galleries… it would be a bitch)

4. the pervious site on which i originally tried to get my comic fucked up…bad.

5. its easy access from school.

6. i'm just too lazy to go find another place.

i love DD though, its awsome. i know alot of people who use it and have mirrors on here.
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insert title here at 1:35PM, Jan. 14, 2007
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i did a search of web comic hosting sites and of the ones that popped up, drunk duck was the easiest to get my comic online =now= versus having to wait. also it has proven to be very easy (user friendly) and i would recommend it to anyone that had a comic that they wanted people to see and no website to host it on (and no need for any design knowledge either).
I believe I was quite clear when I said, ‘lreguhkjbfgvbuhlwjbtg’.
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edgarallanpoo at 4:30AM, Jan. 16, 2007
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I chose Drunk Duck because it is the most user-friendly of the free webcomic host sites.
You see… I am a compuTARD. Drunk Duck is accessible for folks like me who think “html” is an alien language. lol!
I do still have a webcomic at Comic Genesis titled WHACKED! But I am lucky enough to have a team member who knows the discombobulating html language.
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silentkitty at 12:03PM, Jan. 16, 2007
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This site was actually recommended to me a couple of days ago, and I was a little iffy because usually sites like this are a bear to set up for new users like me, who know absolutely jack about setting up a website. But after taking a look around, I saw it looked simple to set up (and it is! Hooray!) and the community seemed friendly, which is another huge plus for me.

And yeah, it's free. Free is good. =3
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mparla at 8:14PM, Jan. 16, 2007
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Hey all. I really enjoy posting my stuff up here. I find the users are real supportive and there are a bunch of talented people out there. I appreciate the comments and hope that everyone is being honest. Please visit Galactic Grem and let me know what you think. I will continue working on his story so if anyone has constructive comments please feel free to leave them. Thanks.
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xkyuketsuki at 8:54AM, Jan. 17, 2007
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I heard of Drunk Duck through the VG Cats comic. He had put in his “How to make a comic” section or something similar to that, anyway he referenced this place as a great place to host so here I am and I am glad I came! If I had to start all over of course I could come here. This place is great! Much better than what I was doing on my own lol
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subcultured at 9:33AM, Jan. 17, 2007
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we're all glad that a lot of you have a positive experience while on DD :)
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Broken Minds at 1:13AM, Jan. 19, 2007
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Well My decision to join DD was a fairly impulsive one. I noticed on Comic Space that one of my friends had a comic hosted on DD and that it was free.

Figured what the hey I'd give it a shot too, sure beat paying for my own site, of which Im not too well at managing.

And here I am. Pretty happily at that. Very nice niche` here. You'd have to scrape me outta here with a spatula to make me switch someplace else.B)
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Starstriker at 10:07AM, Jan. 19, 2007
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I stumbled on DD by way of one of my networking contacts on MySpace- Platinum Studios! Whose attention I was hoping to grab someday. I thought, what better wat to do that than start a web-comic on their newly purchased site? So I started planning everything out and looking for an artist and here I am!

I do agree with the “community” feeling and “feedback” comments other have left, so i definitely would do it again.

Currently updates on Saturdays.
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PicaandPiku at 3:15PM, Jan. 21, 2007
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I forgot the first time I ran into Druck Duck. Yeah, that's extremely helpful for this topic.

If I was to have only one webcomic host, I would stick with the Druck Duck. It's got a lot more good comics than some other places I know of.

Before I downloaded Imagicon, I had no other choice but to stick with Smack Jeeves. But as soon as I did download it, I ported my webcomic over to here so I could share it with everyone here and show them what they were missing out on.

I could also post my webcomic on my website if I wanted, but that doesn't really count.
My webcomics:
Pica Mystery Thingie
Adventures of PnKS
Ask Pica! (Smack Jeeves exclusive)
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Priest_Revan at 6:40PM, Jan. 22, 2007
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My friend told me about drunkduck and I came here.

Pretty simple.
Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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Tim Wellman at 9:50PM, Jan. 22, 2007
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I first decided to put my webcomic on my own website (it's actually there as well as on DD now), but I realized it would never get any exposure at all unless I put it on one of the dedicated webcomics websites. So, I went searching. I found 5 sites that looked promising. One, your comic had to be voted in, and if it wasn't, you were ridiculed and publicly embarrassed in their forum with a big DENIED tag… so, it was out. One was a members-only site that had only about 20 webcomics and were charging people to read those, so it was out. One seemed to be populated only by 13 year olds, so it was out. So, it came down to 2 good ones… Comic Genesis and Drunk Duck… in the end, I thought DD had a better search engine and the site design seemed a little better at exposing comics to new readers, so I went with DD. That simple: a cold, calculated business decision. I think DD can do more for me and my webcomic than any other site on the net.
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Martamania at 7:31PM, Jan. 31, 2007
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Because ComicGenesis won't work on my computer and my computer's too slow to download FTP, I needed to find somewhere else to host my comic. I stumbled upon DrunkDuck while searching for free comic-hosting sites and I signed up for it, then actually put the comic up after a failed attempt at getting ComicGenesis to work.
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Adenn at 11:37PM, Feb. 2, 2007
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I just would like to say DD ROCKS!!!!!
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edinmiami at 6:41PM, Feb. 4, 2007
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I found DD through the belfry web comics index. It looked cool, and the forums showed how to help and bring your artwork out to become better. Plus being a free hoster was just too good to resist.
I wanted to get my own space, but DD makes it easy to get my stuff posted and there are already people that are willing to help, critique, and share their knowledge on how to get a comic finished and posted so that others can see it, instead of my ideas and stories just rotting in my brain where it does no good…
Plus people post how they create their comics, which is good since I'm still learning how to make mine look better refined and more comic-ish.
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SuperChild17 at 3:09PM, Feb. 6, 2007
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I remembered how I happened before I started hosting the comic on Drunk Duck. I read the other Comics before I know “Sprite Comic”, Garfield, Peanuts, and Spiderman, and other comics I couldn't remember. I was thinking that I can just google Comics to read. Until I found something Called “Web Comic” I think it should be cool. Then I started reading comics, including Sprite Comics like Bob & George, Zebeth, and Galactic Academy. The non-sprite comic I read is Dragon-Tails, because they are very awesome!

I kept reading those, including the Sprite Comic, until I am ready to do a Sprite Comic. I first made a Sprite for my author as a Main Character. I like to do Comics so I can show How good I can do. I started doing comics at May 24th 2006, only with sprites. But before I did Sprite Comic on Drunkduck, I did some Sprite Comic Practice for fun on the other computer that has Windows 95, using 8-bit Sprites, 16-bit Sprites, 32-bit Sprites, 8-bit Background, 16-bit Background, and 32-bit Background, where I do Crossovers. I couldn't do comic on Comicgenesis because I don't know the Phone Number, and I couldn't do Drawing Comics cause I am no good at Drawing.(Maybe it's because I suck at Art)
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