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Why did you pick your Username?
Arashi_san at 2:41AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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Atom Apple
I thought I was naming my comic. >_<
GILLIGAN! You boob!
With two Gilligans we have a bust!
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Arashi_san at 2:42AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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My user name is my real name in Japanese with _san (an honorific) added.
shifting in the wind… is a baby.
K.A.L.A.-dan! Ronin!
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 4:55AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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I have a kid in my class named Arashi. And girls are usually the only ones who use -san, -kun, or -chan.

Us guys are usually very rude…
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jissai at 6:13AM, Jan. 10, 2008
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i got my name from a comic i was co-creating back in 9th grade.
wont give u much detail on it though, since i'm going to start it up again :p
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jurbas at 5:09AM, Jan. 15, 2008
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well my nickname(as well asthe name of my comic and character) are all based directly on me!


at my school we have our own sign in names for the computers so that it becomes more monitored and policed.

The sign in name is taken from the first letter of your first name and your surname

Hence J. Urbas = the username: jurbas

There you are the mystery solved!
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mhowad at 9:47AM, Jan. 15, 2008
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Mine is very similar to yours, jurbas.

My first initial is m but my last name is Howard, pronounced in Maine it sounds like “Howad” so that is what I use.
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Maria Robotnick at 3:03PM, Jan. 17, 2008
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I choose Maria Robotnick cause Shadow is my fav (also Sonic and Amy)
and I was GOING to choose him,but I'm a girl so I choose Maria.

Also, who ever said my comic was stupid,it is but some times stupid is funny,and I only did 1 comic,so don't be so judje-mental.:(
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CoyoteLongshot at 9:17PM, Jan. 17, 2008
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Stole it from some other dude.

Why you looking at me like that? It's a cool screen name! I've been using it for years!

I bet that other dude forgot about it anyway.
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Memmy at 9:35PM, Jan. 17, 2008
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I dont think I've posted in this thread yet. Memmy was originally a typo of Merry from when I was in HS and hanged out with bunch of Lord of the Rings nerds on Yahoo chats. I was always part of the fast paced conversation between several people and with username as merry_holbytlan, someone was bound to misspell the first name.

I was also well known so I had several nicknames that were deprived from typos such as Murry, Meemy, etc, but Memmy was the popular one. :D

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Doctor Shadow at 5:55AM, Jan. 18, 2008
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Doctor Shadow was the name of an NPC villain from a Spycraft 1.0 RPG I ran. I kind of liked it so I kept it :) nuff said!
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Renga Studio at 10:08AM, Jan. 21, 2008
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Isn't it obvious? My username is named after my studio, Renga Studio; it's advertising/shameless self-promotion!

BTW, the word renga means “brick” in Japanese.
Renga: How are you everyone !!
Renga: All your weather are control by me.
Renga: I has a weather machine.
DrunkDuck: What you say !!
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Pulse at 1:02PM, Jan. 21, 2008
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Mines kinda simple.I just chose it because it sounded cool, well I used this username before I came to
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ifelldownthestairs at 8:24AM, Feb. 9, 2008
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….i thought the user name was the comic name, so i entered the comic name for my user name by accident.

i probably have the lamest “behind the name” story heh
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PIT_FACE at 8:54AM, Feb. 9, 2008
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pit-face was the name of a band i put together in highschool,needless to say we didnt go far…
though my guitarist, Chris Wilsted, did manage to move away and he got his own band together and they seem to be doing better.


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crocty at 2:09PM, Feb. 9, 2008
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I wanted to pick a name that allows people to make snappy insults about my name.
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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eye776 at 7:49PM, Feb. 9, 2008
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I originally went for eyepopper on yahoo (oooold story) and it was taken, it returned eyepopper776, over time (I had my own secret reasons :D) I've shortened it to eye776
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Eunice P at 3:00AM, Feb. 10, 2008
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Everybody calls me Eunice, no matter at school or in the workplace. P is my surname which I won't reveal to the public. But the name “Eunice” is not in my birth cert.
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codeofethics at 12:50PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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I live by a certain code of ethics, simple enough.


Eunice is such an ill name. I'd have loads of fun with that.
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Dan at 4:41PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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I got lazy on the last 2 letters.
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Milky at 8:12PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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Few people know this, but it's actually an Acronym.

Myriad- because I have a myriad of talents and awesome aspects to me.
Insatable- because my lust and thirst for more shall never- NEVER- be quenched.
Lugubrious- because I am sorrowful and mournful of how other people aren't awsesome
Krackle- because it is an AWESOME word.
Yardarm- what I hang my enemies from.

…okay, that kind of sucked. The real reason is that it used to be Milknut, which was a character. I chose that name because I was thinking up chipmunk names and it appealed to me. I used it until for some reason I couldn't- it was taken, or I didn't get the conformation email, some crap like that, and I liked it, so I kept using it.

Maybe that is not the best example.
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Skullbie at 10:51PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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I actually stole ‘skullbie’ from someone.
He had a really long username, so they called him skullbie for short and I though it was cute.
So when I was trying to think up a name that was better than the one I had before I just typed it down and it stuck.

But now that i think of it most people online mistake me for a guy at first because of the name. :P I should have used **KAWAII~Skullzbiie!!~Nyoa-ron~!**
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DracheLehre at 11:02PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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Dragons are, by far, my favorite animal ever… I also have a bit of German heritage so that makes it fit.
What? I'm not crazy! Just ask my friend, Ferdinand, the Komodo dragon with a top hat!
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Lethologica at 7:48AM, Feb. 11, 2008
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“Lethologica” is basically being unable to remember the right word at the right time. And I picked it because it's a problem I ALWAYS have.
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AccoSpoot at 9:51AM, Feb. 11, 2008
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Mine's in two parts, Acco comes from my Brother, who, when he was young, was unable to pronounce my real name (Alec), and it came out as Ac, this sorta stuck, and people were constantly calling me Ac (mostly cos I came from norfolk, and people there have a problem with letters in the middle of things :P) Anyways, when I was like I dunno, 13, I changed Ac to Acco, it just seemed right :l and for the next 3 years I was just Acco, on Computer Games and the Internets.

Spoot comes from some guy I knew, at this point I wnted to properly change my name to Acco, but I wanted a snazzy last name, I was gonna go by Acco Space, cos it was like, there was nothing after Acco, so it was a Space, yah, wierd logic, but this guy was rambling madly in a forum and off handidly mentioned Spooteh, which I used then as a name for a Comic strip character, and it just sorta grew on me, so I became Acco Spoot, coincidently, about another 3 years later, I was heavily into Dutch history and culture (still am!) and whilst doing some research into my brothers names, I searched Acco Spoot, and found out they were Dutch (supposedly) anyways, yay for random coincidences!!! :D
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Zeno at 10:41PM, Feb. 12, 2008
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Well Ive been Zeno ever since I started being on forum…. dont really know why I picked this name ._.
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therealtj at 11:05PM, Feb. 12, 2008
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Because I am the real TJ

“The only moral it is possible to draw from this story is that one should never throw the letter Q into a privet bush, but unfortunately there are times when it is unavoidable.”
-Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At the End of the Universe
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SpANG at 9:11AM, Feb. 13, 2008
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Volume Zero, Page 8. The second page I ever collaborated on.

And because I am not the real TJ.
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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crocty at 9:30AM, Feb. 13, 2008
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It was either Crocty, or vomit-guzzler.
I think I made the right decision.
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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omegasonic0 at 2:15PM, Feb. 13, 2008
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Back when I started an online game, I wanted a Sonic name but thought that anything with just “Sonic”, “Super Sonic”, or “Hyper Sonic” would all be taken. So I took him to the next level with “Omega”. The game required a number so I chose zero because I thought there were zero others with that name and it just stuck from there.
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zaneeba_slave at 7:58PM, Feb. 13, 2008
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My name dates back to a very important time of my life.

I used to play an MMO called Star Wars Galaxies. I was a midget with a mullet and a five o' clock shadow. I wielded a large stick.
I had two friends. A trandoshan named Dr' Josh and a rodian named zaneeba.

Zaneeba was an amazing SWG master, and easily became a jedi master. I, playing almost a year before he did, was only on level 30… (I suck at MMOs)

I was unaware, at this time, that I sucked. So I only assumed zaneeba was a god!
Me, zaneeba, and Dr' Josh were actually good friends in real life; me being the best drawer of them. I used to draw comics about our joyful adventures in SWG.
Zaneeba, of course, was a god in the comic, who would speak in only symbols and controlled the powers of bending reality.

Zaneeba actually grew a group following after the comics, and the actual zaneeba enjoyed the publicity.

From then on, I call myself Zaneeba_slave. For zaneeba-ism actually grew to be a small cult in the district, and I being it's creator, made zaneeba a god!

Zaneeba is a comicer here on drunkduck! YAY!

I like to imagine myself as a goblin in a tuxedo. -Zaneeba_slave
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